Big House Cognacs

Costco has the Courvoisier, Camus, and Remy Martin XO cognacs all for a similar price ($100-120).

Are these worth it? How are the styles different?



of the three, I like the Camus the best but for similar $ you can get 2 better Cognacs or Armagnacs.

For half the price I’d go with the Hine Rare VSOP.

I’d go with the Remy, it’s a good price.

Is the Remy is a “sweeter” and “smoother” style? I know that’s not a great description but I’m looking for something that’s not really high burn.

Good call on others – I could get the Tesseron 76 for $110. Would that be significantly better?

Thanks all


Yes, Remy is one of the sweetest Cognacs out there. Not especially complex, but great if you’re looking to avoid the burn.

What glass do you typically use?

The Tesseron is more my style. Smooth but more complexity.

While I can no longer handle cognac, my wife is very happy with Riedel’s Vinum Hennessy glasses (and with Hennessy VSOP in them).

Hmm, maybe I’ll pick up both. Or one. We’ll see :slight_smile:

I’ve drank more Armagnac than Cognac and have tried a number of glasses – rocks glass, glencairn, a rounded scotch type glass, pinot glass, champagne flute. More often than not I use the rocks glass (no ice) or the rounded scotch glass

Is there a glass which tends to be better than another?


That Hennessy glass is nice. I do lean towards a Chardonnay glass, but an ISO shape is nice too.

I find different producers shine in different glasses.