Big Basin, baby.

Because of all the hyperlinks and coding I have to do in this post, I should [smileyvault-ban.gif] Big Basin, but the offer is so extensive I just couldn’t go through with it…

The offers:

The people who appreciate our wines most are passionate wine enthusiasts. In an effort to encourage more of you in the Berserker community to experience our wines, we have created this special offer:

We are making the wines in our online store, plus a select few additional wines that are not normally available, at a never before offered 15% discount** off orders of 3 or more bottles, for today only. You must enter the promo code ‘berserker’ at check-out to get this discount.
Wines that you will find include:

2008 Rattlesnake Rock Syrah*
2010 Paderewski Vineyard GSM*
2010 Coastview Vineyard Chardonnay*
2008* / 2009 Coastview Vineyard Syrah
2009 Odeon (Syrah/Cab)
2009 Grizzly (Grenache/Syrah)
2010 Coastview Vineyard Pinot Noir
2010 Alfaro Family Vineyard Pinot Noir
2010 Lester Family Vineyard Pinot Noir
2010 Homestead GSM
2010 Santa Cruz Mountain Pinot Noir

Click any wine above to learn more and be taken to our online store. Additionally, on orders of 6 or more bottles you will receive 50% off our already reasonable shipping rates. We encourage you to join our Mailing List or become a Friend of the Vineyard to receive quarterly shipments of 3-6 bottles at a 10% discount.

*Sold Out - limited quantities available today only.

We ship direct to: AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, IL, FL, GA, MA, MI, MN, MO, NC, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, SC, MD, TX, VA, WA, WI.
Approx. Shipping Rates (6+ bottle rates shown with 50% discount):
CA: 3-5 bottles - $19, 6 bottles- $9.50, 7-12 bottles $14
East Coast: 3 bottles $21, 4-5 bottles - $30, 6 bottles $15, 7-12 bottles $22.50

A little more context for those unfamiliar with us:
Big Basin Vineyards is located at the geographic center of the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA, 6 miles due south of Rhy’s Alpine/Skyline Vineyards. Our Estate Vineyard is the only vineyard in the AVA planted entirely to Rhone varietals (Syrah, Grenache, Roussanne and Viognier).

Our second largest vineyard source, the Coastview Vineyard, is located 6 miles due south of Calera’s Mount Harlan at the same elevation (2,200 -2,400 ft), with nearly identical soils (decomposed granite and limestone). We also source fruit for our three single vineyard Pinots from the cool Corralitos region at the southern tip of the Santa Cruz Mountains, 3-4 miles from Monterey Bay. Lastly, we source fruit for our single vineyard GSM blend from Epoch Estate’s Paderewski Vineyard (a Justin Smith project) on the Westside of Paso Robles.

To learn more about us, watch the short video Estate Vineyard and Winery tour with proprietor and winemaker Bradley Brown.

“From the famed Bordeaux influenced reds produced at Ridge and other nearby estates to the extraordinary, age worthy Chardonnays and Pinots of Mount Eden, to the younger wineries like Rhys, Varner and Big Basin, there is no doubt in my mind the Santa Cruz Mountains is the single most exciting place to visit in California. No other region offers the same mix of history, innovation and what appears to be virtually unlimited potential. To be sure, these hillside sites are capricious and hard to work with. But they are also capable of producing riveting, emotional, world-class wines." – Antonio Galloni

Where do you put in the coupon code?
Never mind it it just hard to see against the background

Bought 12 total bottles…this was exciting.

At the review step, there is a link to apply promo code. It works. Just did it.

I haven’t had their Pinots, but the Rhone Ranger wines rock!

How do you add the Chard to your cart?

I was able to do so right from the current release page. No problems.

Next year we’ll have just a few links Todd, thanks for monkey wrenching all the links together… We had hoped you could have just cut and pasted from the Doc we sent Adam…

You can enter the promo code “berserker” at the last step of check out under 'Additional Options" towards bottom. - We’ll improve the UX on this…

Thanks Berserkers! Looking forward to snagging some deals, too!

Using this day to get to know more of the local wineries. Went with a trio of the Paderewski! A little bummed to not be able to sample a bottle of the Frenchies Ranch Syrah, but looking forward to stopping by the tasting room none-the-less!!

You can add any of the wines to your cart from the Shop Wines landing page.

If anyone has trouble ordering or questions, you can email me direct and we’ll hammer it out.

In for mixed 6-pack, looking forward to trying them out!

Unfortunately the tasting room was closed when I was in the area last year, so this is a great way to try a variety. In for a mixed 6.

What about the Rattlesnake Rock, there doesn’t seem to be a way to add it.

Use the link in the OP

In for 4 Pinots an 2 Rattlesnake syrahs. Love the wine and had a great experience at the tasting room last year!

Use the link in the OP

That is what I am doing but still don’t see a way to add it. It may be because I am using an iPad. I’ll try again on a real computer.

hmmmmm, seems we just about sold out of the 2008 Rattlesnake. Shoot me an email with what you would like your order to ideally be, and I can pull something together. I might be able to sub our 2007 Rattlesnake Rock Syrah. I just discovered 4 cases [winner.gif]

Whoah now there is 2007 Rattlesnake…can i add this to my order or do i need a to do a separate order?

We’re now 100% sold out of the 2008 Rattlesnake. I’ve added 2007 Rattlesnake to our store.

I’m going to dig up two more library wines and twist Bradley’s arm to let me post em…

Wow, thank you Berserkers for all the orders! We’ve just about sold out of a few wines and DID sell out of the 2008 Rattlesnake Rock Syrah.

I was able to wrangle some library cases together of
2007 Rattlesnake Rock Syrah (smoking good right now)
2008 Frenchies Ranch Syrah (Rattlesnake Rock Reserve)
2007 Coastview Vineyard Syrah (the bottle I had over Xmas killing it - full bodied, black pepper, meat, dark fruit - all you want in Syrah)

If anyone who has already ordered from us and would like to add these bottles, shoot me an email and I’ll add them, or place your order online and I will consolidate.