BF 2.5- One spot open at my convoluted theme table.- Filled!

Someone at my ten top just had to bail so I have one spot open. We have a convoluted theme of one wine should be '99 or younger red Northern Rhone, Southern Rhone, or Burgundy, for white, '99 or younger Loire, German, Alsatian or Austrian and one wine should be '91 or older red from Northern or Southern Rhone, California, Spain, Burgundy, or Barolo/Barbaresco. Also, dessert wines are welcome, the older the better.

PM or e-mail me if interested, or feel free to post here. First come, first served and all.

Our Table is:

Brad Kane
Paul & Sandy Jaouen
Ian Dorin
Brent Clayton
Chris Kravitz
Veronica Castro
Suzanne Camhi & Kenny Shusterman

OK, I will start with a 1998 JJ Prum. I’m pretty sure it’s a WS Auselse. Hows about a bottle of 1991 Heitz Martha’s Vyd. for the red?

That was fast!

Dale Williams! Come on down! You’ve won a spot at the convoluted theme table!


In e-mail, buddy. so you don’t get beaten up in public. [pillow-fight.gif]

Who in this group is going to beat me up???

Certainly not Mr. Gun Show… neener


It would also help if you sent me an email to which I could respond. [thumbs-up.gif]

After that, our communication will be inextricably linked for all of eternity! flirtysmile

Since there is no email to send to, I was going to bring an 88 Clos Epeneaux, and a 1900 Banyuls.
Can also bring an 89 Huet too. Also have a 96 Latour Corton Charlie.

Huet is always welcome!

I promise, I’ll get an e-mail out shortly. Been busy catching up at work, dealing with photos and trying to write up some notes after being away for two weeks.