Bevan Bordeaux release live

Best as I can recall, prices same as last year. Ordering closes on 6/18.

Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but with our first off to college in September I’m sure some bottles from my allocation will be available. PM if interested (I’m in the L.A. area).


Was the Syrah also supposed to be released? Confusing email subject header…

Syrah was on the last release. This release is just the Cab and Cab blends.

Has anyone tried the 2014 Bevan BDX blends/Cabs? Thoughts?? 2014 is indeed a juicy vintage (as Bevan describes); I had the 2014 Carter lineup the other day, and if that’s any indication of the juicy fruit for the vintage, then I bet Bevan stands to be equally full of big core fruit.

However, I did try the 2014 Sugarloaf a month or so ago, and it was so wound up I couldn’t really get a read on it. Surprisingly high toned, acidic, tart, and completely schizophrenic. Ya its young, but man was it a bit ragged out of the gate. Not what RP described, giving it a preliminary score of 96-99. Hmmm?

Only offered the “Ontogeny” for a low price of $95/btl. I will have to pass, as I have been buying waaay too much wine recently.

Same with me if i was offered other i may have taken a bottle or two