Betz release party this weekend

Anybody going and anybody want to get together and drink?

Goin’ either Sat or Sunday.

I didn’t know you drank WA cabs???

I don’t…unless they have a lot of age on them.

I’d love to get together but unfortunately I’m hitting the release at opening on Saturday and then I have to take care of some other business in Bellevue Saturday afternoon. headbang

I spaced it was this weekend. I might shoot by tonight.

My brother is ‘standing in’ for me and picking up my first Betz order. Looking forward to the pending delivery but very jealous that I am 2 states away from the tasting event!

Thanks for reminding me! I’ll probably head over later this afternoon. If not, tomorrow. Could be on Sunday since I have to be in Woodinville anyway.

Hmmm, no real plans, I guess.

Seriously, going this evening.

Jeff, I will probably see you there then.

Anyone know if they are selling the rose there again this year?

I believe so.

We went around 6:00.

Not sure about the rose, bur they served a “chillable Red” that was quaffable. The Clos and the Pere rocked.

Betz is indeed pouring the rose but sold out on Saturday, so unless you already bought some, enjoy the sip!