Beta wines

Got an email this morning about allocations next week.

I dont recall ever signing up for this winery, anyone got info please


That’s funny, I signed up, but no email.

Now you got me worried!

I would’nt worry in the least. Had the same issue I just spoke to Ketan, and he said that emails went out to folks that had signed up pretty early, possibly a few years ago but that as long as you signed up, you should be fine, and allocations should be available to all. Looking forward to the 15th !

Thanks Anton, now it strikes a memory.

Not 100% sure what the wines are all about

Thank you for the reassurance.

I want to be supportive of this one.


A recent tasting note:

looking forward to it

The offer just went out. Required 3 packs. $255 minimum commit for an inaugural wine few people have tasted?

Best of luck, but that’s not for me.


Easy pass at that price.

Easy purchase

Very easy purchase for me.

Hate it when a winery dictates how much I have to buy. Wanted to try this…but I’m out.

Great tasting note: 2011 Beta Chuy Moon Mountain (Ketan Mody Wine) - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

I understand how different people can look at it, but “3” is my magic number: one to Pobega, two to lay down. So, the three packs seem made for me.

I was an enthusiastic in, especially because I tend to like the higher elevation wines.

In for 3 of the 2011’s…I’ll hold off on the 2012’s.

I received an allocation. Anyone want to buy a bottle or two at cost off me? I can’t do the full allocation right now. Please pm me in next 15mins.

Getting on Ketan’s list was a recommendation from Alex MacDonald a few years ago so I’m going to trust his judgement and go all in

I took a gamble on MacDonald via word of mouth here, so this one seems like a no brainer at the price point for me. Having tasted Morgan’s take on the vineyard, that just seals the deal for me.

Mo betta? [scratch.gif]

Little mo betta