Bests of Burgundy from Bottom Up

Who are making the best of the Burgundy wines from a generic bottling up through a village bottling?

Is Barthod’s Bon Batons the best generic Burugundy?

Is Bachelet’s Côte de Nuits the best of the bunch from Brouchon?

Do the Mugneret-Gibourg sisters make the best Vosne? Or is Meo’s version of Vosne better?

Would you reach for Roumier’s CM before reaching for Vogüé’s?

There are a lot (a heck of a lot) of good wines at these levels.

Didn’t mean to tend the “ice breakers” towards Reds and Côte de Nuits. Please feel free to offer up any thoughts on whites and Côte de Beaune. Is Roulot the only way to go for Meursault Villages? Does Laflaive reign queen over Puligny’s village wines or does Carillon give her a run for her money?

Take any five guys who are into Burgundy and chances are you’ll get anywhere between three and five different answers in any category. The choice depends on personal stylistic preferences as much as anything else. For instance, I like Barthod a lot but I rarely buy her Bourgogne rouge. I greatly prefer the Mugneret-Gibourg rendition, but a case could be made for the Lafarge as well and that’s just me. Ask Stuart, Jeremy, Howard, Keith or Kevin and you’ll get different answers. I’d mention Alan, but if he ever drinks Bourgogne Rouge he doesn’t post notes on it! Not that I move in such exalted circles, but you probably understand what I’m getting at.

Understood, my question has a couple of aims. First, to see if there are any very good generic bottles I should be looking for and haven’t to date. Second, folks frightened by the price of 1er and up who have traditionally avoided Burgundy might take a stab at a few of these “lesser” bottles based on this thread.

Incidentally I thought Eugénie’s VR village was WAY overoaked for this level of wine. I wouldn’t spend the $60 odd I spent again. I would buy 3 bottles of Barthod’s generic burgundy bottling.

I don’t mind 1000 different answers. I just want to see what other people consider to be their bargin treasures in the cave.

i am a huge fan of the dujac morey st denis, i buy it in most vintages, and have found it to age incredibly well. the 93 is amazing right now if you can find it. my favorite villages regardless of commune.

i have really enjoyed angervilles villages volnay from 05 and (i think) 02. very pure. but i dont have a ton of experience with the generic volnays of others. i have also really enjoyed the beaune aigrots from lafarge. not sure that counts but its at a good price point.

rousseaus gevrey is the best ive had (99,02,05,06) but it seems to me that the price has gone up too much.

from chambolle i would go with the obvious roumier and mugnier. two more villages of which i have had excellent aged examples.

Personally, I don’t usually find much value in AOC Bourgogne or village-level Burgundy – for the money, I’d rather buy 1er crus from appellations like Pernand-Vergelesses or Santenay than pay the premium for the name of a fancy village, or the double-premium for the name of a fancy village + a fancy producer. That said, the 2008 Bachelet Cotes-de-Nuits Villages and the 2008 Dujac Chambolle-Musigny were both magnificent wines – I’d be hard-pressed to think of anything better in their respective categories.

While it’s at the higher end of your targeted price range, I often like Burguet’s Gevrey-Chambertin “Mes Favorites.” It’s a village wine that is as good as most premier cru bottlings. Like Keith, though, I rarely buy Burgs below 1ers.

not meaning to hijack this thread - but re: bourgognes - I haven’t had any recently but am in the market as I am buying wine for a birthday dinner party for my father next month at a nice seafood-oriented place in birmingham (corkage allowed). Ocean for locals if you know it. Anyway, I’m eyeballing some bourgognes that macarthur’s has and short of tasting through them, I don’t know which one is the best for me to buy - the wine needs to show well now, not be too geek-oriented (i.e., can be enjoyed by the unwashed masses, er, not particularly wine knowledgeable people that will be at the party), and be flexible with food. Here are my choices, all about the same price:

Hudelot-Noellat 2008 and 2009
Clavelier 2008 and 2009
Jean-Michel Guillon 2009
Arnoux 2008 and 2009 (the pinot fin)
Meo-Camuzet 2008 (ok, this one is slightly more expensive but still in the ballpark)

your thoughts?

I am a huge fan of Bachelet’s CdN Villages wine from Brochon. I have not had Roumier CM, but recent bottles of Vogue, especially 2008 CM have been very good, albeit priced like many a good Premier Cru. Would Leroy’s VR les Genaivieres fit into the category? Again priced like an upper end Premier cru, but this wine is awesome.

A lot of the wines listed above as Bourgogne are relatively expensive and hard to find. I find that some of the best values in less expensive wines come from the big negociants, like Jadot, Drouhin and Bouchard. Try the Bouchard Beaune des Chateau; Jadots from appellations like Savigny les Beaune and Pernand Vergeleses or even Beaune premier crus like Bressandes and Therons, etc.; or Drouhin Chorey les Beaune. Other sources for good values are Pavelot and Chandon des Briailles. One Bourgogne Rouge that often is a really good value is Rossignol-Trapet. Sure, producers like Bachelet, Barthod, Lafarge, etc., make excellent Bourgognes, etc., but they are priced like it.


So true

Bottom up wine? Upper end Premier cru? It is $300-$500 according to price searcher. What premier crus are you buying?

I’d agree with the mentions for Drouhin’s Chorey-les-Beaune as a true bargain, and Dujac’s MSD for a really impressive village wine. Another in my book would be Tremblay’s VR.

Maureen, the Hudelot-Noellat was stunning in January, everything one wants from Bourgogne but so rarely finds. I’m not convinced that it won’t close, though.

Keith, I agree about Bourgognes on the whole, but for me by far the biggest leap in status is that between Bourgogne and village wines. The village wines of the growers that you and I like are to me as interesting and enjoyable as their 1ers and GCs;makes me wonder whether you’ve bothered much with them?

Several people make great, IMO, Bons Batons, which might be the best Bourgogne vineyard: Barthod, Philippe LeClerc and Patrice Rion come to mind as stellar.

Oh No! This is a one or two bottle every three or four years for me. I am certainly very happy swimming in the waters that have been mentioned prior. The OP mentioned best from bottom up and 1000 different answers so I threw a few out there that I have had recently that maybe fit somewhat into the category.


I haven’t tried these specific wines but the nature of the 09 vintage would lead me there. They are certainly fruit forward and delicious wines. Most 08’s I’ve had have been earthier and acid driven. Not one I would recommend to inexperienced Burg. people.

Maureen- The '08 Hudelot-Noellat is quite good for what it is, although I have been seeing it locally for something like $23-$25 which gives me pause- unless it’s a cracking good wine, I have difficulty spending more than $20 for a daily drinker. I would guess the '09 version would be perfect for what you have in mind as I am sure it will be a bit softer and more forward, but I haven’t had it yet. Low end Faiveley in '09 might fit the bill nicely as well. The couple I have had (Cdn Villages maybe?) were very forward and pleasant and a non geek could enjoy them.

Both vintages of the h-n are 20 bucks. Tom, which vintage were you referring to? Nick, I suspect you are right About 09 vs 08.