Best Winery In Sonoma?

Not that I have visited, but Skipstone seems like it’s in the neighborhood. I haven’t always loved the Oliver’s blend but have really enjoyed the Faultline Vineyard in the past. I believe they have a Malbec as well

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Ramey. If you’re eating in Healdsburg then Ramey would be an excellent option being they are in the same town. Top single vineyard chardonnays, cab blends, single vineyard cabs from Napa Valley and some syrah from Russian River and Sonoma Coast. Plus if you’re lucky, David Ramey will do the tasting himself!

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Even though Fred tried to steer you away from his winery I will add to the list of people recommending scheduling a visit. Two other wineries in the area that I would visit, and not mentioned, are Dehlinger and Joseph Swan. Both make cabs but is not their focus. Also kind of in the area is Porter Creek. No cabs but the pinots and chards and everything else are first rate.

I also love Rafainelli for both Cab and zin although it sounds like you’ve been before.

Pretty much exactly the opposite of what you’re looking for [they specialize in Pinot & Chard], but I always imagined that a trip to the Walter Hansel winery and its bistro would be a lot of fun.



The bistro has a pretty good wine list, with a rather broad choice of non-Pinot reds.

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Easy - visit Aperture Cellars in Healdsburg! Jesse Katz’s wines are killer and the facility is next level. Doug Keane at Cyrus would agree with this as well.

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For pinot and chardonnay, Gary Farrell (Healdsburg), Dutton-Goldfield (Sebastapol), Etude (Carneros). Etude for cabs as well.

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Bedrock, Ridge, Unti, and Quivira in Sonoma. Love Vincent Arroyo in Calistoga!!

Sorry, stepped away for a bit. Thank you for the responses.

Prefer small private tastings or at least more intimate places.

Cost not too much of a worry. But, expect to be comped cost with purchase.

Have wine pickup at Pride. Will stop there on the way over the hill and spend a day tasting in Napa.

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Will try and make appointments at Sherrer and Unti.

Thanks for the thoughts. Appreciate it.

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Take a look at Ve’rite’. Not inexpensive, but arguably one of the best, and top-scoring wines in Sonoma.
Repris is a really fun tour/tasting, with some big reds.
Sojourn makes a few cabs that are excellent as well.

Agreed. Tasted at Rafanelli last year and was thoroughly underwhelmed by the experience.

Good. More for us.

Last time I did a tasting there we spent 45 minutes with she I wont name and my very friendly/personable/knowledgeable group. An hour later we were in Healdsburg walking down the street on our way to dinner and she was walking the other way towards our group. We walked right past each other looking at each other for the 20 or so yards we were in clear vision of each other. We offered a friendly greeting. She didnt smile, she didn’t say hi, she walked on by. That stays with ya

Thanks for the suggestions. I did Sojourn a couple of years ago and wasn’t super impressed. Haven’t tried Ve’rite. Will check them out.

Reached out to Scherrer. They will let me know if they can fit me in. Ve’rite has some interesting wines that are up my alley, but $200 per person tasting was a little much. Will stop at Pride and pickup wine as I head over the hill. Reached out to Carter and Rivers Marie to see if they will have 2021s to try in May before they release. Otherwise will look for a couple of other wineries. Maybe see if Russell at Adversity can fit us in and been trying to get to Beta Wine.

Been that way for man years


Yup, shame is if you are lucky enough to have Dave walk in he is very personable

Yeah. Haven’t been there in years, but was lucky enough to usually have him around.

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I’m at least a decade late and have no idea if either of my suggestions welcomes visitors, but two of my favorite Sonoma producers of Cabernet Sauvignon are:
Laurel Glen

Dan Kravitz

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