Best way to get grape sources?

For a couple of years now Ive been day-dreaming of making both a dry and dessert muscat wine (call me weird but I love the grape). I finally live in a place big enough to actually do it, so Im going to go for it. Any advice on how I go about getting some fruit sources for this varietal? Is it all word of mouth?

Give Lucus and Llewellyn a shout out. They’ve got quite a bit of muscat planted out in Los Alamos. We harvested some a few years back for our Late Harvest. Worth giving a shot. Good luck.

Thanks Terrance.

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is there any planted in anderson valley? would think it might be a good spot for it . . .

Lucas and Llewelyn is a good call - and the grapes should be reasonable . . .


Thanks guys.

Got your message Larry. Couldnt call back today. Crazy at work. I’ll call tommarrow.

just wanted to say that I am very excited that you are moving forward with this. I wish you luck in your efforts.

Relationships and word of mouth are the best (maybe go wine tasting and ask around, much better and more personal than an email or phone call)

But this website is a nice second option. From barrels, to acreage contracts, to bulk juice; there are plenty of options there.

Not sure what kind of volume you’re talking about, but for quantities as small as a couple cases to a few barrels, Peter Brehm would be a good person to talk to. (" onclick=";return false;). He supplies home and boutique wineries around the country with destemmed, frozen must (or settled juice for white varietals), as well as fresh grapes if you can make it to the vineyard at harvest. As a long time resident of SF, Peter has established relationships and fruit contracts with dozens of growers over the years, and makes great fruit available in small quantities. I haven’t made any wine in a couple of years, but Peter came immediately to mind when I read this thread. The first wine I made from him was a Nebbiolo he sourced from Louis Lucas.

I don’t see that he harvested any Muscat this year, but he has in the past. He periodically harvests some botrytized Sauv blanc from Carneros, and Pinot Gris and Riesling from Oregon as well, that might make an interesting alternative or blending material.