Best Toy Store Ever

I was driving to a closing yesterday (first in person closing in in over a year) and I saw this place on the side of the road in Spring Valley just off the NYS Thruway. The building seemed to be still under construction but I decided to stop on the way back. It turned out that they had opened about a month or two ago. Culinary Depot. The website features major equipment, is for restaurants, but the retail space is like Toys-R-Us for home cooks. You want to choose between 10 different Chinoises? 20 funnels? 10 Whisks. AND CHEAP! I grabbed a large plastic funnel that I has needed for years but couldn’t find and a Chinese Strainer. The strainer cost me $1.79.

Compare at $19.95'%20Tools%20>%20Strainers%20%26%20Salad%20Spinners&cm_ite=7439289&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwIC2qKWP8AIVEq_ICh1DQAEeEAQYASABEgKQkfD_BwE.

I ran out before I got into too much trouble at the home front with more toys, but I’ll be back.

Thanks Jay! I’ll be up there visiting my brother and the cemetery next month so I’ll try to stop in on my way to Rockland Bakery.

I am having visions of a cheap, built-like-a-tank wine fridge conversion, Beverage Air MT53-1B 54.25" W Two-Section Glass Door Marketeer Series Refrigerated Merchandiser - Culinary Depot.

I have used a couple of the local restaurant supply stores for years. Back 20 years ago, you had to pretend to be doing research etc. into opening a restaurant. Even had a name picked out. They would then sell to you. They have become much more retail friendly lately. My son shops at one around the corner from his place in B’ham. Even gotten a few job offers.

Great minds think alike. I went directly from there to Rockland Bakery. 5 minutes away by car. You can’t wonder in the production facility any more but you can still grab bagels as they come out of the oven. I burned my hand.

I have been told that it is no good because the refrigerator is designed to dehydrate so the air is too dry and it is hard to keep the temp up, but I do not know if that is really true.

I think you are right Jay, I was just admiring the heavy-duty equipment :slight_smile:. Sounds like a fun way to spend a few hours. is another place.

Yes, but it is not a “store” and there is something special about being able to wander through the aisles, look at all the stuff, pick it up and see how it feels, compare two items side by side, etc. You can’t dance on a walking piano at FAO Schwartz online.

I went to the Winco store in Queens a few months ago and had a similar reaction. Awesome place.

One is more than enough.

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I’ll have to check it out on my next trip up that way.

Now we’re starting on the Chinese jokes?
Or Victor jokes?
The possibilities are endless…

Or is Chinoises now UnPC?

I think the restaurant whole sale industry ( Restaurant Depot ) has changed a bit here, anyone can go in. Its a bit of a fake out as people think u need to have a business ID. Here, the Business ID allows them not to charge them sales tax at time of sales. u will send it in later as business sales tax. But all u need is an ID to get in, then for retail, they will collect sales tax on what u buy.

They are mostly Chasidim, so they may be closed Saturday.

Not at RD in New York.

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A number of restaurant supply stores opened to retail due to the pandemic limiting restaurant’s need/ability to buy stuff.

My brother is Hasidic so no chance I’ll be visiting him on Saturday. Also, Arnold has the car on weekends.

Just have Arnold drive you on Sunday, he can thank me later.