Best sale/auction outlets


Per a previous post, I am looking to sell some wine. I have a friend whose had some good luck with the Hart David Hart’s auctions, and another who mentioned, but has not used, Chicago Wine Company’s retail sales. I used to sell on, but obviously that ship has sailed. Everyone else seems to be hit or miss, where I hand over the wine, and control, to some degree, of what happens. Obviously, expediency and net price are my primary concerns (along with collection of the net price, of course). It seems like every major retailer and their brother is now in wine resales, but that doesn’t mean they get the best traffic, prices, etc.

I’m all ears if you have any thoughts that are relatively current/based on personal experience as a seller. Thanks.


I have personally sold and bought through HDH in Chicago and know many people there. They have always been very professional. I am not sure how much control you will have it probably depends on what and how much you want to sell. Acker is another option.


May be late for you, but I’ve also had a good experience with HDH. Reasonable commission and a good system between live and online formats. Also had an efficient process for estimates, arranging pick up, and cutting me a check once the payments were in.