Best Red 1ers in Burgundy

What are the best premier crus for reds in Burgundy for each village? This is a topic of curiosity for me. By reputation, I think they would mostly be as follows.

Gevrey - Clos St. Jacques
Morey-St. Denis - this is the one that got me thinking about this topic. I couldn’t come up with the answer off the cuff. Chaffots? What say you? Dujac, Magnien, Lignier and Ilan are some of the producers.
Chambolle - Amoureuses
Vosne - Malconsorts
Nuits-St. Georges - Les St. Georges
Beaune - Clos du Ursules?
Corton - Clos du Roi (parts are GC, I believe)
Pommard - Les Rugiens/Bas
Volnay - I would think it would be Ducs, but I’ve heard compelling arguments for Taillepieds too.

I’ve heard arguments for most of these being promoted to GC, but I’ve also read explanations for why they are not GC.

This might be an interesting topic in Blanc too.

Somehow these threads always lead me to researching and it ends up costing me some purchases, but curiosity has gotten the better of me. I need a distraction anyway before Berserker Day (which conveniently falls on my birthday - you know, you need to give yourself the occasional present).

To throw a little controversy into the discussion I would pick Cras for Chambolle and Boudots for Nuits.
For Vosne it is possible to debate Malconsorts v Cros Parantoux v Gaudichots.

Good points Kevin. The history of those Vosne vineyards you mention is interesting. Those are pretty good neighborhoods in Vosne.

I really like your pick for Morey St. Denis - Chaffots! I’ve sampled a few recently that really got me thinking about the quality here. See the picture below from about 6 weeks ago on a cold wet day with the smell of burnt trimmings in the air + the anticipation of a great long burgundy lunch to start in a 1/2 hour or so :slight_smile:. Top of Chaffots with the village of Morey St. Denis down below - Clos St. Denis is below also… The cold crackle of silence everywhere - Magical!
Top of Chaffots - MSD down below.jpg

The obvious pick of Clos St. Jacques for Gevrey is something to see also - if you ever visit! You have to drive up to the top of the village really - with all the rows of vines from top to bottom perfectly uniform. Cazetieres to the right and the combe to the left with it’s soft breeze. Nice!

I agree with Kevin in choosing Boudots over LSG - the latter often seems to produce wines that are a bit too soft for me. And I would choose Cras or Fuees over Amoureuses which also always seems too soft to me! MSD perhaps Ruchots?

I believe all of Corton is grand cru and clos du roi is, like pougets, etc., a lieu diet within Corton.

I would put Santenots and Chênes in for Volnay. Both ahead of Ducs.

I struggle to determine if Cras is “the best terroir” or “the best group of vigneron”. I send to think Cras lucked out and has some of the best vigneron working her soil.

Fuées is my choice for best MSD 1er…well, it sure tastes like it should be in MSD!

Courcel’s Rugiens is sufficient reason to remove the “bas” specification. The top produces grand wines from that domaine.

Corton - Clos du Roi (parts are GC, I believe)

In what village… [pillow-fight.gif]

I would put Combes aux Moines ahead of csj in gevrey. Definitely taillepieds rather than ducs in volnay. I firmly believe that the best 1er cru being produced in Morey is the lignier-michelot faconnieres. Boudots and Vaucrains over les st George’s in NSG for me.

Thx Dan! I’ve never had a Lignier-Michelot Faconnieres before although I just searched and it seems I have some '05s stashed away for some reason :slight_smile:. Do tell - anything special about this plot?


If you believe any 1ieme cru in Gevrey is better than CSJacques, please provide your reasons !

CSJacuqest is a g-cru in Gevrey except in name ( and due to political reasons in the mid-1930s when the AC systems was born )!!

Please do not count in the factor of producers - because your best producers may not be my best prodcuers.

J. Morris rated *Amoureuses * the best 1ieme cru in Chambolle.

Corton is grand cru and clos du roi is, like pougets, etc., a lieu diet within Corton.[/

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Gevrey - Clos St. Jacques - I don’t see much contest for this one

Morey-St. Denis - Chaffots is probably the right pick, at least to my taste - higher on the slope it tends to red fruit and minerality more than do the vineyards below the road which I think are more dark fruits. A good indicator is that I believe a piece of Chaffots is part of each of CSD and CDLR

Chambolle - Amoureuses - correct in my view, but if you are looking at the mere mortal affordability answer I think I’d go with Combe D’orveaux.

Vosne - Malconsorts - don’t have enough experience with parantoux or gaudichots, so I would say either this or petite monts.

Nuits-St. Georges - Les St. Georges - no brainer here

Beaune - Clos du Ursules? Hard to say - beaune Greves is great in many hands

Corton - Clos du Roi (parts are GC, I believe)

Pommard - Les Rugiens/Bas - yes

Volnay - I would think it would be Ducs, but I’ve heard compelling arguments for Taillepieds too. - Caillerets is a stunner as well, don’t forget that one

My favorite wines from Morey-St.-Denis have been “Les Ruchots” and secondarily “Les Millandes.” I think I’ve only tried one “Chaffots” though so can’t really rank it. I would place “Les St. Georges” ahead of “Boudots” but “Boudots” ahead of most other NSG vineyards.

Great pic J but I am confused. I thought you only drank Grand Cru [whistle.gif]
I really like Taillepieds in Volnay and Cras in Chambolle

I think Ile des Vergelesses has to be included in any discussion of top 1ers

[quote="Peter Chiu
J. Morris rated *Amoureuses * the best 1ieme cru in Chambolle.

yeah, so what?

I know Amoureuses is the darling vineyard but every time I have one I think “this wine needs a bit of structure.” Full disclosure - I’ve never had de vogue’s and very little roumier so perhaps I’d think otherwise were I to try one by either producer (not opening my roumiers any time soon and I don’t own any de vogue).

I have been reading J. Morris new book quite often lately. I am just reporting what he wrote.


I have no opinion re *Amoureuses * as my experience is : zero and I could not afford it…

Ile des Vergelesses is the best 1ieme in the village of Bernard-Vergelesses - period.

Pommard doesn’t get much love these days but what are the thoughts on Clos des epeneaux, petits epenots, and grands epenots?

I suppose Dan means Fourrier when comparing CSJ and Combe aux moines. Will have to be patient to open my 2010s from this producer.
Nuits: I love my Boudots and have rarely had les St Georges, but never been really impressed although very good
Vosne: Gaudichots and Parentoux too small to matter. Malconsorts excellent (at least for the few I tasted) but could be a Nuit (Boudot twin). I love my Beaumonts, Brulees, Suchots and (few) Reignots (probably bought my petits monts from wrong producer).