Best QPR Zin - Bedrock Shebang vs. Marietta Old Vine Red

So my wife thought it would be fun for us to drive out to Pueblo West Colorado so we could spend some time with her fam, let the kiddos hang out with their cousins, and get out of the AZ heat for a few weeks (also means i have to work remotely, which is not ideal being that I’m in sales…but I’m a team player). Pueblo West is not exactly the wine capital of the world, but in addition to the wines I brought, I was able to find a few gems and some solid every day drinkers here. Two of those being Bedrock Shebang (‘whole Shebang’, no version) and Marietta Old Vine Red Number 62. Ding, ding, ding

Both almost identical in color. Typical dark purple and fairly opaque. On the nose, the Marietta wins…err…by a nose. Just a tad more full and expressive than the Bedrock, which is more subdued and almost has a slight candied note which makes you worry for a second…but thankfully doesn’t carry thorough on the palate.

Speaking of palate, both are really tasty. The bedrock is brighter and has more red, dusty fruit (poor man’s BR Old Vine…but not that far off), while the Marietta is darker and full of plums and spice. Both medium+ bodied (Marietta slightly larger), and with ample acidity. Just really delicious, easy, un-pretentious goodness.

Hard to pick a favorite as they are both great wines that i would happily drink anytime…espeically for the $13 I paid for em. That being said…i went ahead and blended the two together and it’s freaking awesome (if I do say so myself :slight_smile:

P.s. only brought 1 Gabriel Glas so not exactly a ‘fair fight’. But I’d feel like such a snob bringing multiple glasses :wink:

Thanks for sharing that! Always interesting to get resourceful when you want wine and have to make do wherever you are!

Btw, does blending those two mean you can call yourself a Winemaker now?

Not sure if I’d go as far as winemaker Barry…but maybe I could be a drinking/blending (mostly drinking) consultant or something :wink:

So if the current version of Marietta is Lot 65 then you have some bottle age on that wine. Hard to go wrong with either at that price.


I haven’t had a Shebang in years. They’re fun little wines (wish they still came in the larger bottles though). Might grab a few this weekend. Thanks for the notes, Rich.

While I love Bedrock wines, my experience with Shebang has been hit or miss. Marietta Old Vine Red is consistently enjoyable, though, and is a value buy for me year after year.

Yep, it definitely had a little age on it and was a huge positive for the wine. Not exactly apples/apples comparison with the bedrock…but still kinda fun to drink them together

Right! Those jugs were freaking awesome! Bring em back Morgan :slight_smile:

Haven’t had the Marietta, but I enjoy the Shebang. It’s a touch sweet on the nose, as noted, but never sweet like a grocery store $12 red. I’m a fan of the Shebang white too.

I’ll pick up Marietta next time I see it!

The Shebang has been all over the place. Some good, some just OK. A third candidate in this fight would have been one of Morgan’s Dad’s Ravenswood Old Vines Sonoma. Similar price point, but in my experience is little deeper flavor.

You know, for some reason i don’t think I’ve ever tried the Ravenswood Old Vine. I’ll have to give that a shot sometime soon.

Probably because you don’t often buy “grocery store” wines. [snort.gif]

Ravenswood Old Vine is nice. Do to QPR Zin.

Ha! Actually a pretty good point :wink:

Really like both of these daily drinkers. The Shebang is hard to find where I’m at (Chicago suburbs), though. I’ll have to try blending them, too.

We have had the Shebang white a number of times and it is a nice easy wine. The red is ok for a quick fix. For the few dollars extra, the Bedrock old vine zin is substantially better.

Thanks for the notes, Rich!

I have only tasted one batch of the Shebang! red, while I have drunk numerous lot numbers of the Marietta Old Vine Red. I would be interested in a head-to-head comparison like you did (perhaps including the Old Patch Red from Trentadue).

I feel like the Marietta OVR bottlings are great after a year or so of each release. The sole Shebang! I tasted, back in mid-2015, was a trifle abrupt on the finish, but most inexpensive red wine is like that.

You went with your wife, but only brought one glass?

Ha! Yeah, I’m surprised it took that many posts before someone mentioned that. My wife drinks more cocktails with her sisters when we come out here. Plus she could care less about a wine glass. I’m the only wine a-hole between the 2 of us :wink: