Best producers in Chambolle Musigny?

My favorites are Mugnier and Roumier…where would you rank the others like Vogue, Dujac, Barthod, Felettig, etc. ?

Digioia Royer

I would rank Barthod near the very top. My favorite is JF Mugnier but it is totally bonkers financially. Roumier is the same. You should include Drouhin also. Those wines are extremely well made and delicious.

I’d also include Clavelier (Combe d’Orveau) and Groffier (Amoureuses) on the list of great Chambolle producers.

Agree re groffier. For too long, people seemed to look down on his wines for being somehow too modern, whatever that means. If modern means people fighting to get more every time you serve one then I’m all for modern.

A 2010 Amiot-Servelle Derrière la Grange was my Burgundy epiphany wine (an experience I thought I might never have as my budget is limited). If a producer like that doesn’t make it to a list like this, I clearly have a lot to explore.

We’re big fans of Barthod.

I like Hudelot-Noellat’s villages Chambolle and his Charmes. I also like Cecile Tremblay’s village Chambolle (Cabottes) and her Feusselottes. And, of course, Mugneret-Gibourg makes a fantastic Feusselottes.

Dujac is not really a Chambolle-M. producer (rather Morey-St-Denis), although he makes a village and Gruenchers - and Bonnes-Mares.
For this reason you have to include Fourrier, Bertheau, Perrot-Minot, Jean-Jacques Confuron, Moine-Hudelot, Faiveley and even Prieur -
and all better producers of Bonnes-Mares (like Clair, Vougeraie, d´Auvenay and Leroy, Mortet, Bart)

  • and even Magnien, Jadot and Bouchard Pere for 1er Crus.

You cannot ignore Vogüé with his huge parcel of Musigny - which sometimes can be stunning, but also puzzling.

Can you elaborate on this a bit? I’ve never had any of Vogue’s wines but am on the hunt for some basic CM and am curious about your comment.

Even though it doesn’t get high critical scores, I have been really impressed by the Bertheau I have tried so far (limited amount). Not only is it good, it really lives up to the stereotype of Chambolle-Musigny in a good way – a much lighter, more transparent, more elegant wine that still has a sneaky intensity and power to it. It seems very reliable in delivering that quality which is very hard to find in other villages or regions. Some Chambolle-Musigny producers don’t seem to deliver the typicity as reliably.

Here are some threads talking about it:

More or less people find the wines boring/lacking soul/etc.

Very interesting, thanks for the links.

There aren’t many that you don’t see recommended.

Felettig has been one coming on of late.

My understanding is the son, nephew, and grandson’s involvement brought about modifications, and many have a higher regard for wines now.

I agree especially given how much less expensive the wines are compared to the aforementioned. As such we have more Barthod than any other Producer.

And we might as well add Louis Boillot to the list as well. My understanding is his Chambolle-Village originates, at least partially if not entirely, from the Beaux Bruns lieu-dit(not the 1er Cru section of vineyard), but is not commercialized as a lieu-dit. A 2010 was arguably the most delicious Village wine from this Summer. And the prices are(were?!?) even more attractive than most other Chambolle producers.

I do like Roumier and Mugnier - but crazy price.

Best QPR tastes laste 6 months have been Moine Chambolle charmes 2013 and hubert lignier chaibots 2013 (sale purchase around 50 euro)

I cellar considerable Ghislaine Barthod - in fact, I have more of these wines than any other producer in my cellar. Even at $200/bottle they are a bargain given the quality level. The problem with Barthod is getting them.


Yep. Bertheau may not make the best Chambolle, but I haven’t had anything that’s more like how people describe Chambolle.

The wines are often impressive young but need very long to reach maturity - if ever. I rarely had a mature Musigny Vogüe (yes, 1978), but several that were closed, immature - or simply astringent l