Best Place In The Phoenix Area Or On The Drive From OC

Seems like I used to be there all the time but now it has been years since my last visit.

I’ll actually be in the Glendale area but have wheels. Any recommended breweries or spots to get a beer?


I decided I didn’t want to deal with the airpot so I am just going to drive from Yorba Linda. Anybody know any breweries along the way? I have been to Wicks in Riverside but that is probably it.


Angels Trumpet in Phoenix has a good tap list.
Near airport.

I’d hit up Arizona Wilderness if you’re willing to take a drive. They’re in Gilbert which looks to be about 30 minutes from Glendale. As of 2 years ago, there wasn’t any good spots in Scottsdale or PHX b/c there weren’t many breweries besides Four Peaks or Papago.