"Best" Pizza Dough Mixer for High Hydration

The longer ferments even not for just flavor standpoint but digestibility is much nicer. I’m not necessarily a sourdough stan, but I don’t really enjoy super super bready pizza crusts that you NEED to dip in something or you will choke to death…

I thought Lucali’s for example was a bit too dry… My wife loved Lucali’s and would wait again.

Haven’t been in 2 years but Lucali is tops for me - I love it. And they don’t do anything special.

My sourdough bread isn’t very sour at all. It’s super fresh and active when I use it - about 20% leaven. Usually do18 hours cold ferment and then straight into the oven. Flavor gets much better on day 2. Also been using about 50% very fresh local wheat which adds a really deep ashy / bitter note.

Allison and I went to the new location for the first time a few weeks ago. Waited about 20 minutes in a light drizzle. When we finished our slices, we both looked at each other and said that it wasn’t that great. I chalked it up to it was a Sunday and maybe it was the second string pizza maker on duty. I hope that’s it and what we had isn’t the new reality.

They did something innovative, but they are not currently being innovative. I felt like the milling flour might have been a gimmick. Sure, maybe when the owner was there things were different but I heard an interesting phrase from Gary Vaynerchuck I believe and something to the effect of “Don’t think that employees will ever care more about the business than you.”

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What you are saying makes sense. A couple friends were also disappointed and Scarr’s was recently removed from the “pizza section” of the New York Times top 100 restaurants in NYC.



Jeebus this heavy

My wife would kill me if I bought one of those justifiably

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1-2 years ago my wife would too, but now she actually likes me. :rofl:

“jk” but we’ve decided being happy in life is more important than have the most aesthetic home.

haha…….Indeed ugly like hell. On the other hand if it does its job well.