Best non-allocated Cali Chard like Rhys/RM Theriot, etc?

I have yet to try either of these, but hear they’re both remarkable. Problem is I only have 2 of each and I want to wait to open both. Are there any other Chardonnays out there that are close to the same caliber as these that aren’t so hard to get or highly allocated? TIA

Arcadian is the best CA Chard producer. Right after Rhys I’d put Mount Eden, Ridge and The Mountain Winery. Ridge Chards tend to need at least 5 years to really show what they’re about.

Varner is good as well. I think John usually stocks them in his store.


While I am not an authority on Cali Chard (or anything else mind you), I have had wonderful Cali Chards from Wind Gap, Arnot Roberts, Chateau Boswell, and Eric Kent. All have lists, but I think all should have some available as well.

For those who prefer a more ‘classic’ style, Scherrer and Dehlinger

FWIW, I’ve seen the RM Chard at retail from time to time, so it may be possible to pick up more if you keep an eye out. I’ve never seen the Rhys Chard at retail, however.

Other than Rhys I really like Mt. Eden and Arcadian. I keep hearing good things about Varner but have yet to try one.

My favorites right now are Peay and Melville Verna’s.

Ch. Boswell Chard is mind-bending.

Arcadian is epic. Rivers Marie is right there too. A couple of nice Washington chards to add to the mix are Cadaretta and Tranche. Very expensive, but Littorai makesgorgeous Chard.

+1 on Peay, Rhys and Varner too.

older mt eden

Windy Oaks is very low production but I don’t believe it’s allocated.
+1 on Varner, Mount Eden etc.

I like Chateau Boswell too, but it’s more like the classic Californian style, no minerality at all.


Another vote for Peay here.

I just popped an 07 Boswell last night - good lord I wish these weren’t so expensive, because it rocked my face off. Balance is phenomenal & it’s just jaw-droppingly good. But Dave’s right, it’s not what I would expect Rhys or RM to be.

Thanks for the list guys, looks like I need to start looking for these. Arcadian/Peay/Varner seem to be favorites. Keep em coming :slight_smile:

This is an easy question! The 2008 chard Byron Kosuge is now making fromthe La Cruz vineyard is amazing. Fantastic, really. $33 a pop direct. Run. Don’t walk. If you want expensive then the Staglin chard is very good at $80. Also Pax makes a very nice “Yuen” chard under the WindGap label.

I would also throw in Failla and Freeman. Both very nice, not over the top at all. I would give the nod to Failla, but it is close.

agreed. Both are fantastic. I feel Forman gets overlooked a lot though…

I think you’re right, although that’s fine by me … Chard that good for only $35 is insane. … ok, that’s enought about that … moving along … nothing to see here. [whistle.gif]