Best Napa cellar doors

Hi all

Have done a search, but try searching “Napa” on this board!

What are your favorite cellar doors in Napa in terms of wines on offer and friendly staff with a last minute appointment or none at all.

Have some friends heading up, and I’m slightly stumped since I’ve always arranged well ahead of time.

If the group is smaller than 6, Alpha Omega. Darioush has a good variety and is unique in both architecture and offerings besides wine. You can pick up some pistachios and Persian rugs, cloth, etc. Try others on line for appointments. Del Dotto has two locations. If all else fails, there’s always the old stalwarts; Beringer, Mondavi and Caymus.

Thanks, Randy. [cheers.gif]

Not that it meets your requirements but the door to Colgin’s library cellar is something amazing to behold. Brought back from Thailand IIRC. :slight_smile: