Best merlot vineyard in Napa?

What are your picks for the best pieces of dirt in Napa Valley for growing merlot?

All the talk of great vineyards in Napa seems to center around cab vineyards, and I get that. I’m a huge cab fan, myself. But it got me thinking about where merlot really shows its best (independent of winemaker, to whatever extent that’s possible to gauge). I’m curious what others think…

Although the winemaker is a part of this, I would say the Peterson Family vineyard (Switchback Ridge).

I would think that many would say State Lane in Yountville (Kapscandy Roberta’s Reserve). I hear its epic but have not yet tried it so my choice is the Blueline Estate in St. Helena (Hourglass). Up until recently it was made by Bob Foley so there you have the Switchback connection…

In the past: Las Amigas. Probably no longer so for merlot.

I’d throw Pride into the mix as well…the Napa portion, that is.

There would probably be more Merlot planted in Napa if Cab wasn’t so much more profitable and in demand.


Paloma, Pride and Switchback…all with a Foley connection.

I’ve enjoyed some from Beringer’s Bancroft.

And +1 on Paloma


Tuscany and environs are also good places for the grape.

Blackbird Estate

Out of curiosity, would the answer change significantly if it was opened up to best merlot vineyard in California?

Pride and switchback

Kapscandy Robertas is great and I really like blankiets as well.

Matthiasson makes a stunning Merlot from the Red Hen vineyard.

OMG the Bancroft is beautiful!

Are people talking about vineyards, or producers? (Or, are they the same in what has been mentioned)?

Just realized how distinctly different of a question this is from the subject:

Any farmers, winemakers, viticulturists and/or Napa enthusiasts care to offer an opinion?

To Kalon?? [wow.gif]

I was specifically thinking of vineyards, when I posed the question. I know that gets confounded with producer, for those vineyards that are entirely owned by one winery and where no grapes are sold to other producers.

Tasted some '14 Las Amigas from barrel with Mike Smith yesterday. Still killer!

Who ended up with Havens Merlot?

would agree with Blankiet and Kapcsandy Roberta’s