Best Grills

Ok, let’s see what you got…

I am currently rolling with a Komodo Kamada 23" as pictured here:

This is basically what a big green egg wants to be when it grows up. You can check it out at" onclick=";return false;.

Here is what it did this past weekend for Memorial Day- Pork Butt, Spare Ribs, Chorizo, and some Bacon wrapped Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and a grape tomato.

Finished the Butt with a little Eastern NC Q sauce, and glazed the ribs with a little raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce that I made. The hungry hoards rushed me, so I didn’t get any finished pics, but this is right before it all came off the grill.


Very cool. Thanks.

Best looking grill ever!

Nice but it needs more sequins!

Doesn’t everything. [wow.gif]

Women Men
Sequins = cowbell

That is the first grill I have seen that is bedazzled.

Looks like glass tiles to me!

Serious question- what specifically makes this better than the green egg?

a swinging dicks thread?

and at almost 3-4x the price of a BGE

This appears to be a good deal…considering included shipping and extras." onclick=";return false;

Looks like the urn we keep Grammy in…


must have benn one big grammy [wow.gif]

Well, it has a few things going for it.

  1. It’s bigger. The grates also have a really cool design. The bottom rack is cut out on the front side about 4 inches which allows you to add wood and or charcoal while it’s cooking. The middle rack is actually hinged so that a 4 inch trap door swings up allowing access to anything on the bottom rack. The top rack has handles that let you very quickly aand easily lift it our. All ofthe metal is heavyduty stainless. You can easily throw a brisket, a couple pork butts and 6 or 8 racks of ribs on htis at the same time- enough to feed 30-40 easily, maybe more.
  1. It’s freestanding and on wheels, and at 600 lbs, that makes it a bit easier to move.

  2. It looks cool. [drinkers.gif]

Probably a few more features I am missing. I am sure there is a list somewhere over on the komodokamado forums or webpage that lists the various features. I’ll try to assemble a more complete list later.

As far as cooking goes, it is the exact same concept as the Green Egg, this is just the luxury version of it.

You want baller?

I give you Kirkland.

Game over. [whistle.gif]

and what makes it so much more “luxury”… the girly looking tiles? neener

BGE makes a 24" (XL) and is freestanding on wheels IIRC

I find that the simpler the mechanism, the better and more authentic the experience.

But that’s just me.

…and it has wheels!!


Oh, she’s still alive.