Best deal/coupon for on-line wine shopping

RMN went to 30% once, in March 2022. CapOne had 30% a time or three as well in late 2022 and early 2023. That was the high water mark for cash back, to my knowledge. And 20, 25, and 30% coupons were fairly plentiful in those days as well, plus better Raise discounts than at present. All good things must come to an end.

Go back to post 5609 (and a few dozen after that) to relive the 30% RMN insanity:


How do they make money with such huge cash back?



That, and i bet most customers arent stacking discounts

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I’ll never forget the Krug 168emes I stole for $100 / each. And yes they were 750s :money_mouth_face:


$100?!? I want to cry

Yeah but you would end up stopping in the middle of some NYC street popping the cork and drinking it straight from the bottle. Much safer to have it delivered :joy:

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I can’t seem to figure this out……

Is there a way to sort purchases in CT by store that includes a view with fair value?

I’d love to see my total paid versus fair value for my 372 bottles purchase from WDC over the last 4.5 years.

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Yeah the gravy train is over. Now I’ll have to resort to buying from Gray market retailers :disappointed_relieved:

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Those WERE the days!

SUMMER20 (20% off select wines) at Zachys and I found some fantastic deals (also like free 90 days storage).


on the website not in the app

Spiegelau Universal flash deal via Wal-Mart ($37+ tax, free shipping)