Best deal/coupon for on-line wine shopping

I’ll preface by saying the ethics of this are definitely questionable as it’s almost certainly the result of human error, and those who feel comfortable should take advantage, and those who don’t, shouldn’t.

Stags’ Leap Winery is selling their half bottles of Petite Sirah and Chard for $0, and $10 for their half bottle cabs, when you use promo code “Thanks25”. You just need to pay for shipping, which at least for me shows as only a few bucks each.

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I’ve had 50/250 coupons for the last few orders which has sweetened the deal even more. (I was offered a $29 Stewardship deal last month which I took - maybe that is why I’ve been receiving those.) Although as plenty of folks have noted here, WDC prices can be quite high, I have found their Bordeaux pricing to be reasonably competitive in CA and unbeatable when applying the 50/250 coupons + 30% Capitalone offer.

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How do you get the 30%? I keep seeing 12%. Do you have to use the 12% to get the 30% first?


Have you used the browser to order anything yet? I think ordering is key and then they keep renewing your opportunity with the 30% afterwards.


Do some browsing with their extension enabled or through the app. Pull up stuff you’re interested in, put them in your cart, they might send you an email with 30% off for that. Or, as mentioned above, seems like they will send a 30% off for something you just ordered. Happened to me a couple of times.


Anyone see any good single bottle purchase (~$75-$90) recommendations (Florida warehouse) to pair with the 20/75 GIVING22?

Old/New world is fine. White/Red is fine.

Chevailer 2016 @$85?

Or something around ~$60 bottle + filler bottle
Castello della sala cervaro 2020 @$64?


I did:

Produttori del Barbaresco Asili Riserva 2017 - $79.99

(NY Warehouse)


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I’ve had to correct the last two Rakuten purchases at WDC because they tried to subtract the putative shipping cost due to how WDC reports Stewardship shipping as a charge and a refund, instead of just saying $0. It’s not a big delta but it’s not zero and it’s annoying as it’s done automatically by a computer, and the customer service isn’t really equipped (not their fault) to parse it properly and fix it.

$20 off $75 WDC.
exp 11/24/2022.
(new customer only)


Pruduttori would be nice for the 20/75, but I am in Virginia, so limitted to Florida WDC warehouse. Any other suggestions?

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375ml of '19 Phelan-Segur (which is terrific) @ $26.99 plus any number of good options around $50 (750ml of the same, Armailhac, Bellefont Belcier, St. Pierre) will get good value from that code and are more appealing to me than most of the single bottle options, with the exception of Leoville Barton @ $99.99, which the code will basically get you at futures pricing even if you’re not maximizing your % discount.


That Chevalier is priced about right without the discount so that seems like a decent deal if that’s in your wheelhouse. I personally don’t think it’s worth $90 but definitely a good value at $65 or less if you get some cash back.

There’s a 2017 Andrew Will Sorella which is reasonably priced and a decent deal with the code and cash back.

There’s some Domaine des Bosquets Gigondas right around $80. I haven’t had these but they look interesting to me, I might pick one up.

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Patricia Green Black Friday deal is out, 20% off remaining 2019 vintage and free shipping on full cases.


Thanks. I’ve been wanting to restock some PG and this sale makes it a no-brainer.


Useful advice. Any champagne, particularly rose, compelling at the price in this vicinity?

Unfortunately their Champagne prices tend to be so padded that the coupon codes just bring them to market price at best


New WDC 20/50: 20SH22
Don’t know the expiration


Not just Champagne. This is the reason I didn’t renew the StewardShip and haven’t bought from them in about a year.

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You’re missing out then - this thread has 6,700 posts and like 90% of them are people getting great deals on WDC.


It’s possible. By the end of the year, I ran out of attractively priced wines that I would want to buy. It’s entirely possible there are many great deals - just not for me.