Best and easiest way to sell my 2000 First Growths

I purchased, futures, for 2000 First Growths for my daughter’s birth year, 2000. Turns out she barely drinks alcohol and doesn’t like wine. I told her I would try and sell them for her. I/she has:

2000 Lafite (6) with wood case
2000 Margaux (3)
2000 Latour (3)

All cellared properly in my temperature controlled wine cellar.
So, now I am looking for the best and easiest way to sell them.

Thoughts, suggestions?

They are still so young - both the wines and your daughter. How many 24 year olds like wine? You’ve held them this long, just hold them another 10 years for her and she’ll probably be glad to have them.


A case is a pretty small lot but shops like k&l or benchmark may buy it. I avoided this problem by keeping my daughters birth year wines in my own cellar and drinking wine with her early and often at dinner.

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here, on commerce corner. just edit your post with the prices you want.


Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated.

John, is that steakhouse/bar still open? The name escapes me, but they sold steak by the ounce, and it was across the parking lot from what was a Holiday Inn back in the early 2000’s.

They also got nice bands/musicians in there.

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You are living the point I’ve made in many threads, that’s young adults would more than not probably rather have the cash.

That said you have the wines, I would sell as many that it takes to recover your money and then keep at least one of each hidden.

She is more likely going to appreciate the value in your thought at 40 or 50. Since these wines will go the distance I’d hold a few back and surprise her later.
I guess it’s a hedge bet, but most people would never shell out the current costs for a 50 yr old first growth as the bday approaches. She won’t have to and she’ll have some cash in her pocket now to keep her smiling.


My daughter came home to visit for the weekend and I shared all of your suggestions with her. After discussion, she has decided to hold on to the wines, hoping to acquire a taste for good wine.