Berserkers Super Tuscan Offline - Princeton, NJ

Is anyone up for a Super Tuscan [d_sunny.gif] offline in Princeton? Found a great BYO called La Mezzaluna, and after speaking with the owner, he could definitely accommodate us. I am thinking capping this at 8-12 people.

We had dinner there on Friday night and it was outstanding. The food was great, the service was outstanding, and the owner/chef is a great guy, and spent a lot of time at our table. They also have nice stems, or feel free to bring your own.

That said, perfect place for a Super Tuscan theme, so bring your big Italians! Sassicaia, Tignanello, Oreno, Antinori Solaia, Ornellaia, etc, you get the idea. And be sure to save room for the flambe with homemade gelato! To die for!

If anyone is interested, let me know and we’ll work on a date. Cheers! -mJ

Now THIS sounds like an Offline!

Wish I could go…

Wish you could make it Todd. Hope we get some interest here. Will post to the other boards as well to fill some seats if need be, but hope some of the NJ/NY/PA Berserkers can make it! -mJ


Logistically speaking, how would you get to Princeton from Manhattan? NJT? Car? Trip looks to be about 1.5 hours from Midtown…but factor in the Lincoln or Holland and that easily turns into 2+ hours.

Do you have any dates in mind?


Princeton is about 90 minutes from us in Westchester. I might be interested, so I could drive.

NJ Transit Northeast Corridor line runs to Princeton, 2 stops before Trenton. We could probably pick you guys up from there depending on how many of ya’s there are.

Haven’t picked a date yet as I was waiting to see what works for everyone else. Only date I know for sure that won’t work is April 4th as I have another offline that night. Weekday, weeknight, makes no difference to us! -mJ

I would be interested depending on a date.

Anyone want to shoot for a date in May? -mJ

I would be interested during the week or on a friday.

May would be good. Do you have a theme in mind?

No, no, no! Take the dinky!

Any night would work for us. As for a theme, so long as they are Super Tuscan’s, I’m up for anything. I’m sure my wife would grab a bottle of Sassicaia from the cellar, and I don’t know what I would bring yet. -mJ

I know it’s a way’s off, but how does July 18th look for anyone? -mJ

How about May 30th? -mJ

I am only interested if its during the week.

Ditto, Billy boy.

Any dates you guys have in mind? -mJ

how about april 30?

We could definitely do April 3oth… -mJ