Berserkers Exclusive - Pavie 2003 for $144.97

To all Berserking friends:

I know that Pavie has many fans here and the 2003 seems to win over everyone who has tasted the wine.

Today, and until July 15th (or until supplies last), ACTIVE members of the Berserking community get to enjoy the privilege of a special discount.

Pavie 2003 $144.97 per bottle

Enter promo-code “goberserk5” at checkout to receive the special price.

Here is a direct link to the wine: or go to

And remember, inventory on our website is in real-time so what you see is what it is. No surprises.

As always during summer months, if you do decide to ship, you do so at your own peril. We are not responsible for wines arriving to destination with heat damage. You’re welcome to have us hold your orders until a more suitable time.

Enjoy! [cheers.gif]

damn you max, this will be hard to pass up!

Define “Active Member”.

Seriously…a wine of this quality for this coin is a no brainer.

I suggested to him a requirement of 25 posts minimum

I think Tex was referring to HIS member :slight_smile:

I am so weak, in for 3.

Like I said…you’re too young for retirement [basic-smile.gif]

Thanks though!

As of this morning I assume that might still include me. pileon

[swearing.gif] Todd: I wish you would’ve said “50 posts minimum” on this offer that way I wouldn’t be tempted. But now I am running out of excuses for not buying some 20003 pavie… [swearing.gif]

It’s Max’s decision, that was only my guidance.

You think I run things around here??? [cry.gif]

I think the majority of my posts go something like this…

“Max, thanks again for a great offer!” or at least some derivative of that.

That’s just not right Lance [basic-smile.gif]

So the inmates run the asylum?

I’m still trying to figure out why I paid $145 five years ago on futures [swearing.gif] [scratch.gif]

I’m still trying to figure out why I paid $145 five years ago on futures

To avoid losing the money in your bubble investments?