Berserkers Exclusive - La Tour Carnet 2006 for $16.50 per bottle

To all Berserking friends:

One of my favorite Bordeaux values in 2005 is back for 2006 with another hit and, for you all Berserking people, membership does have some privileges.

La Tour Carnet 2006 $16.50 per botle

Enter promo-code “goberserk6” at checkout to receive the special price. Valid until midnight on July 30th.

Here is a direct link to the wine:

And remember, inventory on our website is in real-time so what you see is what it is. No surprises.

As always during summer months, if you do decide to ship, you do so at your own peril. We are not responsible for wines arriving to destination with heat damage. You’re welcome to have us hold your orders until a more suitable time.


Just when I give you love, you cost me more money Bastard. neener

Got to keep the love alive baby! [thankyou.gif]

[swearing.gif] I just saw this and tried to order…but I see this expires midnight July 30…EASTERN time… hitsfan

I would have jumped on this one too but, considering what I have sitting at your place now that I will have to transport back this fall, I would hate to think where I would have to stick this to get it back into the Great White North …

Damn it - I guess I lagged to.

Max, if you fire the code back up, I am in for a case and I’ll stash it with my other goods currently on your premises.

Hey guys…was on vacation and missed these posts. Unlike Posner, who has no life whatsoever and posts while on the “it’s a small world” ride at Disney, I was actually having a good time away from computers and work. [dance-clap.gif]

I extended this offer until August 31st if anyone still wants to take a bite out of it.


Thanks Max!

Hope you enjoyed the vacation


Thanks for extending this Wine Berserker exclusive.

FYI, I just placed an order for 12… [basic-smile.gif]

I’m glad that you had a good time in your vacation.

Thanks Jose!

[worship.gif] [worship.gif] [worship.gif] [worship.gif] [worship.gif] [worship.gif]

I bought six…one for each of these guys…

Thank you Max. I took advantage of the offer and sent a box as a thank you present to a good friend who enjoys wine.

In for my case (and I snuck in a few 03 Barton’s as well)! As usual, thanks Max.

Thanks Max!

A terrific deal, Max Thanks

Thanks Max, 6 here as well (and some 05’ and 06 Pontet Canet). Damn you.