BerserkerFest 2022 (featuring Mike Smith!) - Getting some feedback (POLL)

Would you likely attend BerserkerFest 2022 on Aug 11-14?

  • Yes, just me
  • Yes, me and my plus 1

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It’s been a while, let’s have another BerserkerFest!!!

I’ve been tossing around the idea with Leah Smith for a while to do a ‘Mike-Smith-a-Palooza’ anchor event for our next BerserkerFest, and Leah, Mike and I have met, with others, and want to present the possibility out there to get some feedback and a rough headcount for what we’ve put together as the ‘best possible’ option.

The setting Leah suggested is perfect - Tamber Bey (see pic of the space below) - and what is being envisioned is that we have roughly 8 of the wineries Mike Smith is winemaker for, all there pouring, as a ‘buying event’, not as much just ‘tasting event’. Getting access to these allocated (or impossible to get) wines and actually being able to purchase them on the spot - some with discounts, others without - but access to them all at this event. Because of Tamber Bey’s staff and facility requirements and load, a Thursday evening was proposed as the best option, and to balance timing with pre-harvest (busy and expensive) with bottling, IPNC, other things going on, the ideal date is penciled in as Aug 11, Thursday evening, around 5pm, at Tamber Bey.

What else would we do during this BerserkerFest? Well, I’m glad you asked (even though you didn’t). We’d put together smaller group options, from winery tours to winemaker dinners (Leah and Mike have confirmed for sure they are in, I’m confident I can get Alex and Grame MacDonald to do one, etc) where our group divides up a bit, finds what fits best, but also allow for some ‘do it yourself’ type options in Napa Valley and the region in general. (Maybe I can get something going at Ridge, for example)

There’s a lot that can and will be made out of this weekend, but I need to get a rough count on interested parties, via the poll. We imagine tickets for the Main Event will be around $100, we likely will have some music and food included.

Please indicate your interest, if you have it, and feel free to discuss further below, I’ll take as much feedback as I can.

Our proposed venue:
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 2.02.39 PM.jpg

I’d likely come with a buddy. Would be great to put together a golf event for those interested

Buddy counts as plus one - does t have to be romantic but if it is, no judgment! flirtysmile

Rob and I would be interested in attending! Its about time we all go Berserk again!!! [cheers.gif]

My wife and I would be interested if it were the week prior. If we are flying in from the East Coast I would want to spend a good 5-6 days out there.

Sounds amazing!!!

LOL I figured and had already responded accordingly

I hope you didn’t vote in the poll also - I think Francine got you in there

I would like to join for sure.

I would probably not be able to - will have a new 2 month old at home at that time . . .


Maybe I can piggyback an offline on that Saturday as a mini-Berserkerfest/Cellar Christening for those willing to attend?


I would love to come, but that’s my harvest and moving my kid back to college… good reason to escape!!

BTW, I voted yes for just me.


Short hop for me. I’m in.

How many could you comfortably ‘fit’ there???

We have a good start with Brian, you and me!! [berserker.gif]

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For. a one day event? We had party for 100 when we got married. Now I wouldn’t expect that many this time but we could seat quite a few around the back yard. Let’s see what kind of response the 1st event garners and we’ll work off that.

Anything over 30 people requires table Nd stemware rentals, a porta-potty etc… it’ll come at a cost.

My friend Jeff and I would count as 3. jeff, myself and my 2017 Philadephia Eagles Super Bowl LII Champions t shirt

I’m guessing 50-100, don’t want this to get too big