Berserkerfest 2022/ Cellar Launch Party / Flanneryfest / RRV

Are you interested and what dates work? You can change your vote.

  • I’m interested. July 16th
  • I’m interested +1. July 16th
  • I’m interested. July 23rd
  • I’m interested +1. July 23rd
  • I’m interested, write in date.
  • I’m interested +1, write in date
  • I’m there, don’t care what date it is.
  • Is Brett Favre coming?

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The Mike Smith Palooza looks like it will be delayed until next year so no more piggybacking for me. Let’s do this.

First off let’s see who is interested and what dates work. I still have work to do on the tasting room so we’re a minimum of a month out. The two Saturdays in the middle of July are open on my calendar or we can do early August.

If anyone wants to come help with construction work in the interim PM me.

Make it a Flannery Fest? Make your own suggestions. The canvas is blank right now.

Ready, go!


I will ask Katie and Bryan if they want to show up!

Yes, as mentioned in the BerserkerFest interest thread, we’re postponing until early June 2023 for many reasons. This way we’ll be able to go ALL OUT on it, and the wines will all be 2021’s, all freshly bottled, and we’ll be able to assemble some amazing winemaker dinners, as well as help launch Mike and Leah’s new property.

I’m big on the 16th so hope it’s that one! And Jen will be there, so at least there’s that!

July 16 evening. Hopefully I can find a reasonable flight. Solo.

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Mid and late July is pretty bad for me. If it gets moved up or down I will look to be there.

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July 16 we are in Big Bear
August 20 &27 we are in Denver.
Otherwise, we are there!!

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Not much traction here yet. i’m going to bump this thread. Put your preferred date in your response. All dates are open through September. Let’s figure out what works for everyone.

Because it’s been years since we’ve had offlines, I’ll help this thread by posting something about it in the Mike Smith thread in Wine Talk!

if all you are looking for is the right date for it, that will get more votes.

I will be able to push to get bodies there easily, at least a small group of 30-40

July probably better than August. What would Jimmy do?

Thanks, I can handle more, we have room in the backyard. Just need to know what date works for the most Berserkers.

I’m not going under the knife, sorry.

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July 16+1 [cheers.gif]

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July 16 + 1

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John Dart and T Welch - the vote didn’t change, did you place a vote in the poll above?


Moving to Wine Talk for the time being

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With small kids, I’m always maybe but I will do my best for any date

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Yep, vote cast.

Either date works, we’ll be there!

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Would do my best to attend. Been hoping to meet some of you folks

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16th or 23rd works for me and my better half!

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