Berserkerfest 2.5 photos

Finally got all my pics up and tagged on Facebook and will attach public links here.


Pre-Berserkerfest party at my place on Thursday night.

Berserkerfest 2.5 Friday Night at Peking Duck House.

Berserfest 2.5 Day II at Jay Hack’s.

Great pic’s Brad, thanks for being the official Berserker photographer.

I don’t know about “official.” I saw a lot of cameras there.

WHAT? No picture of our fearless leader eating chocolate covered bacon? FAIL.

The picture of Jorge’s daughter with the Taittinger is PRICELESS and the picture with the reflection in the sunglasses is GREAT. Good work.

BBQ pics are up too:

Damn I’m pissed I missed this. Looks like you guys had a blast.