BerserkerDay VI is coming! January 27, 2015

Jean Edwards and Windy Oaks. I’m screwed.

That’s just scratching the surface.

Wilde Farm is in. So appreciative of the WB support. 2013 Heritage sold out and 2013 chard down to individual bottles, but we will come up with something worthy of the day.

Yikes! Berserker day coinciding with Aubert Single vineyard offering. Has anyone tried setting up a crowdfunding site for their wine “projects”… [head-bang.gif]

Better lock myself away from the computer that day or just give someone my wallet and passwords to be on the safe side. [swearing.gif]

Veleta Wines will be present!! Stocking up on my Gorilla Shippers in anticipation! flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile

See if Soliste wants to play…

I’m in for the Dujac mixed case again.

What states do you ship directly too?

I’m looking for one of the following deals :

1- buy a case, get a free LeCache!

2- rent one locker, get one free!

3- mixed case, no payment til 2016!


We will be in again! Thanks Todd!

Goes without saying, Down to Earth in the hizzouse.

Giddy up.

This was by far my favorite find last year. I sit here drinking one of their chards as I type.

How far fetched would it be to have a deal on some Zalto Universal stems?

So many good things can result from a BerserkerDay!

I’ve got a pretty good BerserkerDay special lined up from Congruence. champagne.gif

I’ll join in again this year, had a blast last year.

Any luck on “THE DURAND”?

I’m definitely in. I have an extra special deal to offer. Can’t wait.