BerserkerDay VI is coming! January 27, 2015

Berserkers near and far, it is time for the annual credit card destruction that is known as BerserkerDay, again (as always) on January 27th.

Wineries and retailers, I’ve heard from some of you already, but for those who wish to participate this year and sell your goods to the many thousands of Berserkers we have here in this community, let me know by sending me an email or PM. Remember last year was our best ever, with over $300,000 in wine/wine products sold, and most of those wines sold get some press here on the forum, paying back dividends for your generous discounts on the wines or wine products (or beer or coffee, or gourmet foods, as the case may be!)

Mark your calendars, and ready the credit cards…

EMH Black Cat is in, for sure!

I start thinking about the next year’s offer as soon as the current year’s orders are processed. Of course I change my mind many times over the year, and fine tune as the day gets closer, but it has been on the calendar literally since January 27, 2014.

It will be a similar type of offer as in the past 2 years - a package that will be available for a 3-hour period that day.

Will there be advance notice for those of us with all day (and until 9:00 at night) gigs on the 27th?
[head-bang.gif] [head-bang.gif] [head-bang.gif]

Will it be done the same as last year?

You asking me or Todd?

Subscribers, I believe, receive advance notice of what’s going to be coming the next day.

For me, I update my website so it reacts realtime to orders as they come in…there is no delayed response of me having to come back to you and say your order did not go through or there is a credit card problem, or whatever. You order, you get a confirmation right away that your order is confirmed, and I know I have the inventory to deliver the goods. This means I have to have my tech guy on hand to make sure we are running smoothly. And there is only one of me, so 3 hours is about all I can handle. I also commit to being online in the thread to answer questions, or to answer via email or pm anything anyone wants to discuss about the offer.

Shhhh………wallet is butt-hurt……….shhhhhh!

I took liberties and hooked Todd up with a new winery I think people will like. Seems Liquid Farms went over well last year. :slight_smile:

So it is you we have to blame for the intro to LF! We had a Golden Slope on Monday. It was divine.

I’m hoping SEVERAL from #berserkerfest will participate!

Speaking of which…popped a Crawford Family Walk Slow pinot tonight, this is really nice juice! Sure hope they join the fun.

#Berserkerfest 2nd place…at some point you just have to accept.

Can’t wait to take part once again!!!

Todd can you get a picture of a wallet burning?

Jean Edwards Cellars will be participating!



Woo-hoo! flirtysmile

Anything to add to my mile and point balances. neener

Windy Oaks loves BerserkerDay–count us in!