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BerserkerDay V, the fifth iteration of the annual celebration of membership on Wine Berserkers, was held on January 27th, 2014. Each year, on January 27th (the founding of the WineBerserkers community on its current domain), dozens of wineries and retailers participate in providing incredible offers to Wine Berserkers guests and members, often featuring veritcals, sample packs, and most often including free shipping along with significant discounts.

BerserkerDay 2014 proved to be the largest of all time, with over 13,500 visits and over $300,000 in wine (and wine-related products) sales. Berserkers were treated to special offers by more than 70 different wineries and retailers this year. Dozens of BerserkerBusiness companies were featured as well, and were able to offer their wines to WineBerserkers Subscribers the day before the public viewing.

Smaller, independent wineries have a distinctive advantage participating in BerserkerDay. While the discounts they set can sometimes be at or near distributor pricing, the interaction with the community drives additional traffic and recognition to their brand, and when the wines are received by the customers, there is always the opportunity to have a tasting note posted on Wine Berserkers, for thousands more to see.

“BerserkerDay V was so successful for me, I was able to pay off some of my growers the next day for their 2013 grapes”, reports Ed Kurtzman of Sandler Wine Company. “I’m already looking forward to BerserkerDay VI, and trying to think of an even more enticing offer for the community.”

Many participating wineries were so overwhelmed with orders, they were unable to provide me a quote. “I’m embarrassed I still haven’t dug out from underneath the avalanche of orders!” reports Emily Richer of Virage Napa Valley.

“Berserker Day was a great way to connect with new customers who may have been familiar with Zepaltas Wines, but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to have access to them,” fellow cheesehead-by-birth Ryan Zepaltas tells me. “By offering a sweet deal-the only discounting we do with our wines anywhere-to the community of wine freaks like myself we are able keep expanding our reach, and turn on new customers to our wines.”

A full listing of all offers, and discussions around each offer, can be found here - BerserkerDay V!!! (January 27, 2014) - WineBerserkers To participate next year, on January 27th, 2015, please contact me - the administrator of Wine Berserkers - directly via email. We’ve got some great plans for next year, to make it even larger!

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