BERSERKERDAY SPONSORSHIPS - please read if interested

Hello all!

As I mentioned in a prior post/private message, every Sponsor we had last year who was questioned has replied in the affirmative that we need to have Sponsorships this year as well, as they felt it was extremely valuable to them.

This year we won’t be doing an active PR campaign (paid) but obviously if I’m contacted as a followup from last year’s big PR push, I’ll be pointing the press to the Sponsors as I did last year. Several were interviewed, a few made it into the articles :slight_smile:

Sponsors this year will receive the following:

  1. Pegged listing atop the BerserkerDay forum for the entire day - all other listings will be launched in their time frame, immediately underneath the pegged Sponsor listings
  2. Special Topic Icon indicating Sponsor status (the only special icon I’ll be using this year, as the rest will have the BD icon):

  1. Feature on the Wine Berserkers Facebook page prior to BerserkerDay. This information will need to be submitted to me so I can post it appropriately the days/weeks prior to BerserkerDay

After surveying last year’s Sponsors, I came up with a figure of $750.00, as it is less than last year, but enough that one is truly paying for a premium position and the benefits that will come with it.

If you are interested (starting a list now) please reach out via PM and I will let you know how to arrange/finish sponsorship, and I will create communication just for Sponsors.

good morning on this last day of the year!

I’m interested in the sponsorship. let me know what we need to do next,


Will do, Ana

In for a penny…in for a pound. sure.

You’re the Abe Froman of wine stemware

I would be interested in being a BerserkerDay Sponsor as I believe Ed Kurtzman told me that it was great for him last year. As wine is my 4th job, I need as much help as possible getting consumers interested in our wines.

That’s a lot of jobs, and the 4th job is not exactly an easy one!!!

I’ll be sending out info early this week for everybody who let me know

Thanks I look forward to receiving that information, and Happy New year

Good evening Todd,

Apologies being a bit behind. I am going to get our newbie and offering posts done this weekend and the photographer is coming Monday to get all the wine bag shots for the new pieces we made so I can do the website update that day to be fully ready.

If we are not too late, Norlin would love to be a Sponsor in addition to our auction donation. Please LMK if there is still time and if Monday evening is an acceptable time frame to be done on our end without causing any inconvenience or hassle for you as all this comes together. If we are a bit late to purchase a Sponsorship, I understand and we will instead do a % of sales to express our thanks for the invaluable exposure you are giving us.

Best, Tom.

Are you still taking sponsors? Do sponsors get to sell during the preview day or only the actual event?

Yes, but they don’t sell on Preview Day, just get pegged up top the whole actual day