BerserkerDay Auctions HERE!!!!

Come to the BerserkerDay Auction Forum, and bid high, and often!


OK, I updated all the auction items to close on 1/30 at 10:30pm

thanks for the feedback from all the participates recommending we move them out of the main offer thread. It’s for the better.

Growing pains… Please don’t tell me next year will be bigger than this year.

We’re so grateful for your effort Brig! I’m sorry I’ve been so overwhelmed that I haven’t been very active, and did not put together an auction item. But seems you have enough to do :wink:

Just to be clear people:


We’re all good!

Thanks for your input regarding moving the auction items. That was all you.

Auction items are great, thanks to the generosity of so many, but we need to keep the focus on the producers.

Everything was “scaled up” this year creating unforseen challenges and I speak for Todd, when it became obvious that the auction became a distraction in thread there wasn’t much hesitation in ripping them out.

We were just concerned that items wouldn’t see that appropriate bids for the value. Producers donate a prized lot we can’t let it sell of $5, nobody is happy there.

It all worked out but we have to retool for next year. Bigger and better!