BerserkerDay 15 Master Thread (Jan 26, 2024) WOW! WE DID IT! RECORDS SET ACROSS THE BOARD!

I look forward to BD every year, & this one did not disappoint! I buy every year from producers I’ve known & trusted for years, because I love their wines and the BD deals are great! Every year I also buy from producers I haven’t tried before, and that frequently happens because someone in the WB community has posted on the forum that “if you love (wine producer who’s wines I always love)’s wines, you definitely need to try (unfamiliar to me)'s wines!”. I usually end up loving those & they get added to my “must buy again” list or “must join their mailing list” wineries. WB is such a great community & BD is a unique & fantastic event. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible! We all benefit from your hard work!


nailed it, Philip

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From a buyer who is trying to navigate the offers, any attempt at educating me on how to do anything besides click “buy” is going to hurt your ability to sell. Not sure what the solution is here, except maybe holding all orders for processing until the day after BerserkerDay - if that’s even possible.

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Well I agree on that! 95% of my sales every BDay are Click-Here-to-Buy bundles. And much easier for me, too, cuz they all pack up the same.
But, customized packages that require instructions are really appreciated by longer term customers who have favorite vintages. (And everyone has different faves which is really cool.)

Note to self for next time: put the bundles first and customizable process with “coupon code” last. Cuz I might have lost you, @Max_S1 right outta the gate :wink:

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I’m just happy that there may be a next time!


I was thinking about what Emily said with having to redo orders and whatnot because of people adding on or changing orders, and wondering why that hasn’t been a problem for me. I think it’s because most of the producers I end up buying from just require a post “I’ll take offer A,C, etc.” and then we settle up later in the day or within a couple of days. That makes it really easy to add on without complicating things too much, but is probably not a viable approach for every producer.