BerserkerDay 13 Official Numbers - Records Set AGAIN!

I’ve gathered just about every bit of seller data (a few outliers yet, but the majority is definitely in) and we’ve definitely set records yet again across the board, which delights me greatly, since I feared last year’s BerserkerDay, in the midst of Covid lockdowns, would be damn near impossible to beat. Nope.

Previous record ‘users online’ was 3820 or so (forgot to screenshot it, have it somewhere) and we quickly surpassed that yesterday with 4,258

Last BerserkerDay we had 11,146 users on the site on Jan 27, this year 12,412 users with almost 50% new users!

In the two days, which is the TRUE measure of BerserkerDay, last year 14,907 total users, this year 15,767 total users.

Sales numbers: Last year confirmed sales $1.568million (I then estimated the remainder who hadn’t replied, based on prior sales, or data given via email/PM when the survey closed, with an estimate just over $1.8mil), this year confirmed sales $1.97million!!

Lastly, PLEASE fill in our buyer survey (technically the BerserkerDay Council’s survey - they did it all) as it helps guide us in how to help steer and help participating sellers throughout the event, and know what to change, add, keep, etc for the entire event.


Second time trying to do this, won’t let me get past the “Anything you would like to see less of?” question :confused:

Congrats on another great two-days Todd! I look forward to BerserkerDay every January. I have been introduced to many new wineries and wines that I likely wouldn’t have ever come across. Thanks to you and all of the other Mods who help make this happen.



Congrats Todd and Team

The event just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Just submitted the survey, hope it helps.

Just Berserk! A sale of this size with no paid staff, no cost to our wonderful small producers who BD is designed to support and so much great wine and food arriving at our doorsteps!

Todds vision of this berserk event makes it a wonder for us all and the winemakers and great sellers who put their hearts into BD are a joy to work with.

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I had that issue as well. When I changed my answer to the question on the top of the page about how many past BDs you’ve participated in from 0 to a different number it let the form go through.

Wow that’s incredible! Great job by the entire council.

If I wasn’t buying a house I’m sure we would’ve broke $2 million. I’ll do better next year.

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Printing this so I can hold you to it for BD14

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Error has been fixed. Thank you for figuring out a workaround.

Sorry about that. There was a small error. Please try again and let me know if you still have trouble.

Fixed. Done. :+1:

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WOW! Just got a few straggler numbers in, and we’re at $1.97million confirmed!!! (updated OP)

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Absolutely friggin awesome - what a community indeed!


Tag it!

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Congrats Todd and the whole BD council. Great job!

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Just received this report from Google, very interesting, as all the numbers are up for the month, and by quite a big margin, which surprised me given last year was during Covid lockdown!
Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 7.36.44 AM.png

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