Berserker Fest I Recipes

After several requests for recipes, here they are for everyone:

Lamb/Pork Rub
1 TBS Dried Thyme
1 TBS Dried Rosemary
1 TBS Oregano
1 TBS Granulated Garlic
1 TBS Onion Powder
1 TBS Telicherry Pepper
1 TBS Sweet Spanish Paprika
1 TSP Smoked Paprika

Run all ingredients through a spice mill or coffee grinder. Use this rub on pork or lamb that has a light coating of EVOO and salt

Hanger/Flank/Skirt Steak Marinade
1/4 Cup EVOO
1/4 Cup Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
1/4 Cup Korean Soy Sauce (Sempio F-3 or Jin Gold is what I use)
1 TBS Granulated Garlic
Sriracha Chili Sauce to Taste

Marinate beef critter about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Dry off as much as possible and give a light coat of oil and hit the grill.

Thanks, Bill!


What are the odds of getting a Wine Berserkers Cookbook compiled complete with wine pairing suggestions?

That’s a great task someone should take up!

Compile the great recipes from this forum (include Martin’s of course!) - each with permission - and someone head up the wine pairings!

An e-cookbook - perfect!

This is great, Bill. I don’t think that we can replicate the awesome food that you and Bob created for that celebration but I will be very happy if we even come close. [worship.gif]

Someone could organize the photos in NSFW and turn that into a pay site to fund Wineberserkers? [tease.gif]

Not of our members, I hope. I’ve seen many of you in person. [swoon.gif]

Were the beef caps done the same way as the pork caps?

Negative. EVOO and salt only. More salt than you would think as it needs it to fight the fat.

Thanks Bill… I guess you let the flavor of the beef cap speak for itself then?