Berserker Exclusive Shafer Cab ( Limited Supply )

Shafer 2006 Stags Leap District One Point Five Cabernet Sauvignon

$39.00 + shipping
while supply lasts

Either PM me or if you order through our web site we will adjust charges prior to processing Cc.
We don’t have a coupon code set up.

nice deal indeed.


Thanks. By the way, love the new avatar

I might consider mailing you an order… but you’d probably never get it!! [dance-clap.gif] [dance-clap.gif] [berserker.gif]

I still have a few cases neener you know where to find me

Go to bed - the postman is NOT coming!!! neener

We were able to secure 5 more cases this morning.

Last bump with a couple cases remaining.


I’m in for 6. Will pm when I get home. Thanks.