Bern’s Dinner April 15

I plan on being in tampa the weekend of 4/15. My wife is attending the Taylor Swift concert, so I’ll be driving her across the state.
I’ve never been to Bern’s, so I figured it’s time. If anyone has any interest in joining me. Let me know, and maybe we can get a solid group together.

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I haven’t been there in a few years and would love to join you - but alas I’ll be stuck in Maryland. Even if you don’t get a quorum, go on your own. Sit at the bar and plan to spend a little time enjoying yourself and perusing the wine book. Take both the kitchen and the cellar tour (if they are available - if you don’t end up with a table, ask the bartender and they’ll have you added to the tour). Definitely go upstairs to the dessert room and order a butterscotch berns.

As I said, it’s been a few years, but I loved their caviar selection and the chateaubriand is to die for. Don’t order any sides - they include a salad, incredible potato and little treat from the chef before your steak…

Enjoy, still one of my all-time favorite places

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