BerlinRieslingCup - Best Dry Riesling 2012

On sunday I hosted again the yearly “BerlinRieslingCup” and served blind the Best Dry Rieslings of the vintage 2012 to a group of sommeliers, journalists, wine-dealers and Riesling-lovers. Including the best german Sommelier Billy Wagner/RUTZ and the best austrian Sommelier Gerhard Retter/Zur Fischerklause. And the flights were arranged by David Schildknecht/WA.

No doubt, 2012 is a brilliant vintage with a great cellar potential. Personally, 2012 is my new favourite vintage together with 2004 & 2008 and 2010. Let me quote Jancis Robinson “Germany 2012: Go! And order!”

Winner: 2012 von Winning “Kirchenstück” GG

1 von Winning “Kirchenstück” GG / 96pts.
2 Emrich Schönleber “AdL” / 96pts.
3 Wittmann “La Borne” / 94pts.
4 Wittmann “Brunnenhäuschen” GG / 94pts.
5 Keller “Morstein” GG / 94pts.
6 Bürklin Wolf “Kirchenstück” GG / 94pts.
7 Sven Klundt “Kastanienbusch” / 94pts.
8 Wagner Stempel “Höllberg” GG/ 94pts.
9 Battenfeld-Spanier “Frauenberg” GG / 93pts.
10 Von Winning “Ungeheuer” GG / 93pts.
11 Bürklin Wolf “Pechstein” GG / 93pts.
12 Peter Lauer “Schonfels” GG / 93pts.
13 Keller “Abtserde” / 93pts.
14 Carl Loewen “1896” / 93pts.
15 Kühling-Gillot “Rothenberg” GG / 93pts.
16 Katharina Wechsler “Kirchspiel” / 93pts.
17 Wittmann “Morstein” GG / 93pts.
18 Emrich-Schönleber “Halenberg” GG / 92pts.
19 Van Volxem “Pergentskopp” / 92pts.
20 Schaefer-Fröhlich “Stromberg” GG / 92pts.
21 Keller “Pettenthal” GG / 92pts.
22 Rebholz “Kastanienbusch” GG / 92pts.
23 Dönnhoff “Hermannshöhle” GG / 91pts.
24 Von Racknitz “Klamm” / 91pts.
25 Künstler “Hölle” GG / 91pts.
26 Heymann-Löwenstein “Blaufüßer Lay” GG / 91pts.
27 A. Christmann “Idig” GG/ 91pts.
28 Clemens Busch “Falkenlay” GG / 90pts.
29 Dönnhoff “Dellchen” GG / 90pts.
30 Steinmetz “Falkenberg” / 89pts.
31 Dr. Loosen “Prälat” GG / 89pts.
32 Diel “Pittermännchen” GG / 89pts.
33 Balthasar-Ress “Schlossberg” GG / 87pts. (was served first, maybe would have performed better if served not first.)

Martin Zwick

May I recommend a Top Dry Riesling for 11 Euro.

Surpise/Discovery of the tasting: 2012 Sven Klundt “Kastanienbusch” with 94pts.


Thanks for posting Martin - I always enjoy these a lot.

So I have to ask the question about the two staples of the Schaefer-Frolich lineup since they dont appear at all in the top 33?? Not available for tasting or just didnt show well?

2012 “Stromberg” ranked 20 with 92pts. The “Felseneck” I didn´t include, as I had too much wines.

Assuming they don’t import into the US? Anyone have experience ordering from any of the German stores online and what shipping rates are like?

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your post!

What I find impressive is the fact that just 2 points difference between the 3rd and the 19th place. Because you can see how high was the level of the wines.

Thank you, Martin!

Really helpful.

YES Dick, the quality is unbelievable high of the vintage. And they were truely Riesling experts in the jury.
But you see it also at the ranking of my “BerlinKabinettCup” from June. Only off-dry Kabinetts were presented. And the Winner von Hövel “Hütte” Kabinett won with 93pts.

Thanks Martin,

No Wittmann Mohrstein on the table?

Harry, Wittmann liebhaber

Of course Harry. 93pts.

Very interesting, Martin, thank you!
I could taste some of these wines at a large Riesling tasting in Zurich and was also most impressed by the Kirchenstueck by von Winning.
I didn’t plan my tasting very well and ended up tasting the Kellers after the von Winning and I think their elegance had troubles to impress me after the richness and complexity (but very nice balance too!) of the von WInning (which I found truly stunning, by the way).
Question for the experts: aren’t the von Winning kind of “made” to perform better in such tastings?

Thank you for the tipp about Sven Klundt.

Oeps, I di not look so far down your list Martin! Little disappointing though.

Hi Martin,

Do you have the SF Felseneck 2012 tasted on another occasion?

YES Dick, late August in Wiesbaden. Too young and was not that much impressed. 2011 and 2010 Felseneck looks better.

At this tasting in Wiesbaden 400 wines were presented during 2 days. Fair to say that several wines not receive a fair judgement due to the amount of wines. And they are freshly bottled.


perhaps I posed the question in a weird way, so let me try again.
Isn’t the style of von Winning such that in a large tasting like this one it tends to impress more than other wines whose main qualities are elegance and purity?

Next year some Dutch Riesling fans are gladly willing to participate in this tasting, to make it a International event champagne.gif

Thanks !!!

Hi Martin
Great to se Pfalz shine this year. “Kirchenstück” from Von Winning and Bürklin Wolf (No 1 in 2008) are precious wines (the latter even more expensive)
Also good to see you have included AdL in the tasting. Was the bottle emptied? [cheers.gif]
Hope to see you round Neujahr