Benchmark sale

Some decent deals. Grabbed a 2010 Lambrays.

I grabbed a couple bottles but as I was going through the sale and adding things to my cart, by the time I went to check out half had been removed, I suspect by people purchasing quicker. Argh!

I think it’s a fake “sale.” Nicked and damaged bottles are always nicely discounted. I think they are just drawing your attention to those bottles, not reducing them further.

They have reduced some prices. Also if you’ve ever bought imperfect bottles from them they are usually very good condition.

To be clear, Benchmark is probably my favorite store and the majority of the bottles I buy from them are blemished. I definitely seek them out. I’d just be surprised if the prices shown in this “sale” won’t still be there a week or whatever from now.

I always cross reference a purchase to WS pro before I buy. The prices on bottle I bought were way below the lowest. Enough to motivate me to buy more wine which is the last thing I need to be doing right now.

I love benchmark. On top of having very good prices, great bottles, and provenance guaranteed, they have GREAT costumer service. At least they have been extremely helpful to me.

Went back for some 10 Amiot-Servelle Clos St Denis, one bottle left

I look at these sales with great hope, but again I leave disappointed. They have wines I picked up on Winebid in the $30’s for in the $50’s. That is no sale IMHO.