Bellevue WA sushi for weekend lunch?

Are any good sushi spots open for lunch on a weekend in Bellevue, WA? Probably a Saturday, if that matters.

You have to be crazy to eat anything at Bellevue.
I’d stick to Creedmoor or Willowbrook , but even then you have to be a little nuts .

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Title changed to be more specific about the location.

So Bellevue WA just doesn’t have the really top end Sushi that Seattle does (Kaishiba, Wataru, Taneda, etc etc, tho most of those aren’t open for lunch either)…

Lunch limits it further (Ascend isn’t open for lunch, Izumi in kirkland on a weekend doesn’t do lunch)

The two best ones are probably:
I Love Sushi and Japonessa

If you want a really cheap, but still decent sushi take out, go to Mushashi’s in Factoria (edit. nevermind, not open for lunch on weekend either).

I love sushi is solid, but perhaps unremarkable. Have a colleague that loves Flo but would have to be late lunch

Dooood. Nothing in Bellevue is “remarkable”. Except the remarkable mediocrity. :pleading_face::pleading_face: (I live in Bellevue).

Ok ascend prime is pretty cool. But not open for lunch.

Meet fresh is awesome. But that’s shaved ice :wink:

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yeah. You are mostly correct. Bellevue is the home of chain type restaurants and well known brands/labels.

Even the would be local innovators are on the fringes (i.e katsu burger)

Dolar Shop mic drop

HaiDiLao is pretty excellent hotpot too.
TRES sandwich shop. Drool.

Izumi, in Kirkland, was pretty good last I went (more than 5 years ago?). But if you are looking for the best that the Seattle has to offer, you’ll have to go to Seattle.