Beer Review: Tommyknockers Butthead Dopplebock

Brewed by: Tommyknocker Brewery, Colorado

Tommyknocker’s Butthead Doppelbock is a very outstanding brew in my humble opinion. Rich and VERY smooth and delightfully malty and not overfilled with all that taste of hops!

When poured, your eyes will delight in the dark mahogany color with a hefty tan to light brown head that will cling to your mug leaving those wonderful ring-lines all the way down the glass. Your sense of smell will swoon filled with malts, various fruit, warm bread, and the like. Once that syrupy thick brew hits your tongue you will taste a meld of flavors but overall I compare it to warm bread fresh out of the oven! There is a slight bite of alcohol but it’s nothing at all in the way of conflicting with the fine taste of this brew.

Definitely one of the best American dopplebocks I’ve ever tasted!