Beer Publications

What do you read?

I like Ale Street News myself, but think it’s more of a regional (Eastern Seaboard) paper, even though they put in some smidgens of Western States news.

I’ve never really read any. I recently checked out the BeerAvocate board and saw Scott Butler there, so that made it feel very homey. [group-hug.gif]

The people that think there’s personal attacks here should check that board out. Brutal

The Beer Advocate magazine isn’t bad. Depends on whether you’re looking for overall beer info (sort of what WS or WE are to wine) or something more local. While BA does review beers from all over and features one city’s beer pubs per issue, being nationally distributed, it understandably cuts a wide swath.

Beer Advocate is all I’ve read – and only a couple issues, at that. Otherwise, no “publications,” really – thinking of newspapers, magazines, or journals. I do enjoy reading K&L’s descriptions of the beers they have in-stock. If I have an unfamiliar beer on tap and like it, I’ll usually go to the brewery’s website the following day to learn more about the brewery or the specific beer I had.

We have three regional publications here in the NW that I know of - Beer NW, Celebrator (more of a West Coast thing), NW Brewing News (one of a family of regional brewing publications). I read them all, as well as Beer Advocate (more of an east coast vibe). The local ones are better for what’s really going on in the local market, where beer geekdom is at fever pitch. The Beer Advocate seems to be more of a regional beer publication, with us little guys showing up very occasionally. Of course we also have about 20% of the twenty and thirty-somethings in Portland writing a beer blog… Thank god for Google Alerts!