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With all these new forums, I asked Todd if we could get a Beer and Booze forum for non-wine alcohol discussions…he said propose it to the group…so what do you think? Would anybody else like a forum dealing with beer and liquor?

Yes. I like all kinds of beer and a good cocktail. I especially like Martinis (made with gin, of course). I think it would be interesting to explore what other Berserkers drink when they aren’t drinking wine.

Very interested in a beer forum. I don’t suspect it will get as deep as some of the threads, so I won’t feel so completely out of my league. :slight_smile:

I like to talk Booze as well but it just doesn’t get much traffic on the “other” boards. I think just posting it in Wine Talk would be fine.

That was some pretty good Budweiser I was drinking on the boat today.

Steve, there was no beer on the boat today, just empty bottles used as pee containers as it was not allowed to piss overboard.

You are truly one of a kind. Nothing seems to bother you…

Budweiser…piss…What’s the difference?


Next time im in the shop, remind me to talk to you about some beer - I need to expand my horizons!

We don’t necessarily need another forum to discuss those topics. What better place to talk Jaeger bombs than in the asylum? And as for beer, that’s a meal in a glass. So why not talk about it in the food forum?

One more thought-- we could change the name of the food forum to encompass all sorts of drinks. Dick Krueger has his weekly margarita posts in there already. Perhaps “Everything Epicurean” or something to that effect? Booze won’t get a lot of action, and food doesn’t get a ton of action, so why not combine them?

I do think WT should be for wine and only wine. We are, first and foremost, a wine forum.

Maybe we could just have a shitfaced forum, thats something i know about all too well [diablo.gif]

I think this is the way to go. I like the all things epicurean idea

good idea

Hard Shit: For those nights when wine just wont cut it.

I’m on my second double Woodford Reserve right now…

see i knew there would be plenty of people who could play.

Bone you are the man. I love this shit.

Ya, and when I finish the bottle, there will be plenty of others to join the party!

I have this on the way down my gullet as I type…

Now that’s some Hard Shit!

OK, we need a Boozer Forum. Just for Boozers, non wine nights.