Beef Ribs Recipe Needed

Does anyone have a go to recipe for beef ribs?

Was talking to my butcher about how I never see them and he tells me that he can sell some to me – but only on Mondays. Needless to say, there’s an appointment I’m anxious to keep today. Any ideas about the best way to prepare?


What kind of ribs?

Korean Cut Short Ribs
English Cut Short Ribs
Whole Rib Plate

Bones cut from the ribeye roast.

Boneless ribeyes = happy times for Corey.

I can’t smoke 'em, but this is the platonic ideal.

So, we call that a back rib. Very little can be done without a smoker IMO as they have little meat to speak of. Sorry. Maybe others can wave a magic wand for you.

Corey essentially this is a brisket on a bone. I like to some them with the same rub i use for brisket maybe extra black pepper. However if you CAN"T smoke them you could do them in the over low and slow I would use a smoked salt and even some liquid smoke to try and recreate the flavor. If you do not want the smoke flavor at all i would rub and bake low and slow like you would a brisket for the holidays. Your could even do the onion soup thing so prized by baubies everywhere. I have not done this just thinking it through.

Hmm, I had them the other day at Fogo de Chao (not my choice) and they seemed to have a decent amount of meat, but then, they sorta cut them up and give it to you.

It’s not that common at restaurants but there’s a place just outside the city where I occasionally get them and I think that they are BBQ’d, not smoked.

Just braise them in the slow cooker and serve them shredded over mashed potatoes or pasta or in tortillas.

If you go the tortilla route, finish with a little sour cream. If you go the pasta route, don’t forget the Parmesan cheese. neener

I’m thinking about braising, but if I do, I’ll probably make some sort of a tomato sauce (because I like red sauces) and I’ll put it over pasta. Probably won’t add cheese though – I really want the beefy flavor to come through.

You also don’t wanna go to hell…amiright??

I make them all the time. I season heavily and sear in bacon fat and then add them to a shallow pan with red wine and garlic, cover and slow roast them at low temps.

Remove the membrane and cut away the silver skin on the bottom of the meat on each side of the bone. Season liberally with salt and pepper and either smoke low and slow or roast them low and slow on a wire rack and finish with high heat to crisp them up. Or just roast with high heat if time is an issue. They won’t be as tender, but are still tasty.

I don’t follow the milk/meat thing. I’m not kosher, just fauxsher.

I’d kill to be able to buy beef ribs that look like that.

Sadly, I might have to kill too. Fernando told me he couldn’t help me today, so I have to see him next week. Probably just as well tbh, we are on heavy on beef critter these days.

The key is the Donkey Sauce! [wink.gif]

Why you little…

Go to your local butcher or even a better supermarket, and ask them to order you NAMP 123A. That is a bone in short rib plate as seen above. You probably will have to buy two of them which will be 10 to 12 pounds total @ $7 a pound. You get those and I can provide good direction.


Hey Corey, Chicago q has Beef Wagyu Ribs on their standard menu. Quite tasty— and rich.

And I guess your earlier mention was for Elwood’s beef ribs, right?

Yep. I haven’t been to L. Wood’s in ages (because who really needs to go to Lincolnwood…ever), but might make a trip soon because I do love me some beef.


Thanks for the tip on Chicago Q as well. I don’t think I’ve ever made it there (I used to occasionally go to the restaurant that was in the space beforehand called “Tsunami”, back when I lived in that hood).