Beef Dry Aging At Home Warning...Costco

I STRONGLY urge people to no longer attempt to dry age their own beef if it is purchased from Costco. It seems that all of their meat now has been run through a Jacquard tenderizer…meaning there are needle marks through the entire steak/roast/primal that could and probably do contaminate the interior of the meat. I have seen the hole in strips, ribeyes, sirloin and flap meat. Dry aging a whole primal with this mechanical tenderization will at best yield a waste of time and money, and at worst get you sick.

I might also suggest that these products also be cooked to a higher internal temp for the same reasons. I might no longer be a purchaser of Costco beef if this practice remains.


Have you confirmed this with Costco?? Or was it local??


I can only confirm this for local products. Anyone can verify at their local outlet as the needle marks are readily visible in the fat caps on rib-eyes, strips and sirloin…steaks and primals alike.

Sounds like a local/regional thing. The Costco strips I grilled this past weekend did not have needle marks.

I think you’re getting your primal cuts in the wrong neighborhood if they have track marks.

I’ll visit locally and have a conversation with the ‘butcher’ in Naperville this weekend. I’d bet they may do this - but - would pull a primal in bag that they hadn’t treated like a crack whore with collapsed veins.

This came from the packer with Jacquard marks in CryoVac.

Any way we can complain about this to Costco? Would it be effective to complain to the meat handlers directly or better at a higher level or both?


For some reason this reminds me of one of the funniest threads ever - Steak Carcar

It would be at the highest level I am afraid as they are buying these in serious bulk quantities. Local guys wouldn’t have the slightest input on this I would think.

The primals i bought in december from a bay area costco had not been tenderized. So YMMV depending on where you live.

This looks to be a Texas Region issue…at least for now. All the TX destined beef appears to come from a single packing plant.

So Costco is screwing around with the beef they ship to… Texas? This doesn’t sound smart on their part.