Bedrock Wine Co...yah, you need to get on this list...

Stopped by the open house at Bedrock Wine Co. This is a list you NEED to get onto. I know, I know…you are already on too many lists. I am in the same boat. SQN, Saxum, Carlisle, Rhys…I am on too many. Bedrock will soon be at the same level.

Didn’t take any specific notes but every single wine I tasted at the p/u party was singing. You can taste the “place” with every single one of the wines. Far and above the most terroir driven wines I have ever tasted from a CA producer.

Congrats Morgan! Your wines rock.

Er… so is it more like the last one or more like the first three?

When I signed up I realized they don’t ship to Washington. I don’t have time to chase after it.

I can’t sign up until Laube weighs in

I don’t mean to speak for Jacob but I too, attended the open house.
IMO, Morgan is trying a lot of different things to see what sticks. Of course, that means there will be things that you don’t like and things that you do. But I agree that this is a house to watch.

  1. He is the prince of Sonoma - he has access and contacts that no one else has in the valley,
  2. he is a heartbeat from being a MW - not bad cred. for youngster,
  3. he is getting a real handle on the vineyards and fruit that comes his way yearly and is probably a year or two from being at the Rhys level of quality,
  4. he’s a pup - he will be around longer than you and I will and this is “his life.”
    Across the board, its an impressive and varied line-up.
    And some time this week, I’m going to run by and buy 6 bottles of the 2009 Stellwagen, Zin. - its 15.3% alcohol, has big oak and is made to be huge - you’d think this wine would send me running. But it is better than the sum of its parts and is the most balanced (yeah, that’s the word) zin. I have had since the '70’s.
    Best, Jim

Jacob… Morgan tells me I missed you at the open house by about 5 minutes. That’s a shame I would have loved to hear your opinions tasting the wines.

I wrote up some informal notes here:" onclick=";return false;

I can understand talk of the next ___ especially Carlisle since these are primarily Sonoma zins & syrahs, and at great prices, but to me Bedrock is a more eclectic lineup and in its youth and for me, even an educational tour. Morgan is an encyclopedia of wine knowledge and a very passionate guy, and this shows in his work. The open house looks like a smashing success so good for him and congrats

Bummer! Sorry I missed ya. Next time!

I would say it is a combo of the last two. He did his 08 hudson syrah “3 ways.” One whole cluster with like 80% stem inclusion, one with 7% viognier, and one he calls his “score whore” which you might not like. The other two are dead ringers for northern rhones and I would think you would enjoy them quite a bit.

+1. Seems a little unusual.


Great synopsis by Jim! The “Prince of Sonoma” gotta love it!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Morgan a little bit. Jim mentions Rhys - and I agree that there are some things in common with Morgan and what Kevin and his team (and others like Wells Guthrie) are doing:

  1. Morgan seems to be an experimenter - never satisfied with the status quo.
  2. He seems to have this “holy grail” ambition of “wanting it all” - fruit focus, balance and subtle nuance. He’s a traditionalist, but seems eager to improve on tradition.
  3. He understands the importance of vineyards - in Morgan’s case some of the world’s greatest ancient vineyards.

He’s also one of these guys like Mike Officer and Fred Scherrer who’s hell bent on delivering the whole package - service, value, exceedingly great product - to his customers.

Over the years, my wine education has increased by reading interesting threads such as these. Since I major in miles and points, I’ll trust you and others to point me in the right direction. [worship.gif] It was a post such as this one that got me on the Schrader list right before the door closed. [whistle.gif]

Edit… Tanzer likes this juice.

I have to agree with everything in this post.
I managed to stop by the open house on Saturday after a day at the beach with my family. With 2 tired kids, we didn’t really get to hang out for very long. My wife tried the Old Vines Zin and the Whole Cluster Syrah and liked both of them very much, and she is pretty picky.
One of the cool things about the get together was the lack of any sort of pomp and circumstance. If you were at the open house, it’s because you sought it out. All of the focus is on the juice, and it shows.
It’s really cool to see his operation on the ground floor. The quality of wine he is producing is incredible, especially after such a short time, and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

…and it was cool to see his old man show up in his Tesla and start pouring wine!

This post the 3 different Hudson vineyard “styles” for comparison and the Great quality of the 2009 Abrente Albariño pushed me over the edge I went in for a mixed case. I may not have anyplace to store more wine but dammit I’ll be drinking well.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Tom and Anthony, I do ship to WA so am not quite sure why you are having trouble with the system. I will look into it from my end and see if I can come up with anything.


Ok. I’m in for two of each Syrah.

I am going to try the zin. Very reasonable prices and they ship to NJ!

Note to Cottrell if you’re reading this: Maybe I should have listened to you on this earlier? [wink.gif]

I love Bedrock. Just awesome wines.

Washington is now listed as a shipping state. Good news! Has anyone tasted the Pinot Noir?

Gary V just did a show on the Pinot and gave it 92 pts FWIW. Gary V ate my baby.