Bedrock Wine Co. Spring Release Save-The-Date

Email just arrived -

“Bedrock Wine Co. Spring Release Save-The-Date

We are pleased to announce that Bedrock’s Spring Release will go live next Tuesday, February 19th. New sign-ups who have not purchased previously will receive the wait list offer on Tuesday, February 26th.

The lineup for the Spring is delicious and diverse. It starts with 2018 Ode to Lulu Rosé, which is our favorite rendition since we started making whole-cluster pressed rosé back in 2008. Whites will include the beautifully perfumed and limpid 2018 Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc along with the rich, ageworthy 2017 Chuy Chardonnay sourced from mountain-grown, dry-farmed vines planted in 1973.

On the scarlet side the release will have 2017 vintage field blends from two great, old, Northern Sonoma Vineyards—Nervo and Lorenzo’s (Teldeschi Ranch)—along with the farther afield own-rooted Zinfandel from Schmiedt Road planted in 1915 in East Lodi and Under the Mountain Heritage Wine from Santa Clara County. It will also include two Cabernets— the 2017 Montecillo Vineyard and our first more value-priced 2017 Sonoma County Cabernet. Rounding out the release will be two Syrahs— our first from the amazing Sky Vineyard on Mt. Veeder along with the 2016 rendition of Weill a Way Vineyard. Oh, and there might be a few hundred bottles offered of a wine that includes Zinfandel from Puccini Vineyard cofermented with varieties such as Castets, Syrah, Grenache, Peloursin, Trousseau, Negrette, Persan, Mollard, and others.

If you have any questions, please let us know. A quick note, Chris and I are currently spreading the Bedrock gospel in Japan so if you do have a question, email is best!


Morgan and Chris”

I can’t purchase until the following week as I have yet to buy direct from Bedrock. Shouldn’t be an issue on trying to score some Rose, right?

You will probably be able to get some Lulu.

Very excited. I really enjoy Morgan’s Field Blends but his syrahs are next level great for me.

All in. Purposely opted out of Carlisle, Turley and Limerick this year for it.


I’m excited for the Sonoma County Cabernet. I have really liked the Bedrock cabernets I’ve had so far.

Typical Morgan, just when I think I can limit my order to 2 cases you go and do something like this…

I’m really intrigued by that bolded line above!

What is the general price range on the Bedrock wines?

Variety of price points from $20 to $65. $35 flat shipping for six or more bottles. You could get a case of the Foothills Syrah during the fall and be under $300 all in.


Me too. Curious about the price for the SC Cabernet, since it’s something I’ve never seen them do.

Looking at my purchase history, my display of self-control on Bedrock’s spring release has been . . . um, variable.

Even if you can’t get any rose from the release, it’s not hard to find in wine shops.

is there a difference in Weil Vineyard Syrah and Weil-A-Way vineyard? I know the exposition wines are different but CT has entries for both Weil and W-A-W. Also, is the Under the Mountain a similar blend to other Heritage reds?

Super excited for this release.

The first rule after getting on the Carlisle list is stay on the Carlisle list.

There is a Weil-a-Way Mixed Blacks Zin blend and a Weil -a-Way Syrah along with the Exposition series, no longer made.

The Under the Mountain is it’s own unique blend and is mighty tasty. Buy it.

Hey Morgan or Chris - Will there be a Judge Sauvignon Blanc this year?

There will be! We like to give it a little more time in barrel so it will be part of the Fall or Winter Release of this year. Cheers!

When y’all get your release tomorrow please save some for those of us that will be on the waiting list offer.

As you used the magic word, you got it. [cheers.gif]

Will be going lighter than normal here. Realized I have like 350 bottles of Bedrock. Probably should drink that down a bit…lol