Bedrock Weill Expositions

I have yet to open either my 2012 set of Bedrock Weill Expositions, or my 2013 set. I continue to obsess over when one of these sets should be consumed.
My dilemna gets worse: a friend is getting married in August.
Open? Or wait?

Phil Jones

I’ve had each of the 2012s (some more than once), most recent one was a few weeks ago and it took WOTN against some heavy competition. Open now without worry and be prepared to have your expectations met if not exceeded.

I’m in the same boat, and while they’re surely drinking great now, most of the Bedrocks I’ve opened have felt too early. Sure wish Morgan would publish recommended drinking windows.

I opened a ‘13 for Christmas. Wait on these, way OTT right now.

Timely! Just got my hands on some 2012s.

I drink a ton of Bedrock and while I agree that most all other bottles of Bedrock need time, these aren’t like most all other bottles of Bedrock.

(or at least the 2012 WaWs aren’t…still too scared to try a 2013)

The problem is that the primal energy of these wines is what really makes them shine for me, so the gamble is what does that become with time ? i know they are enjoyable as hell right now but do they get more complex and more interesting or do they lose that energy and become mundane ? the million dollar question

One thing ive not heard much about is the 11’s anyone popped those ?